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CueTools Causing Me Fits


I am trying to use CueTools (2.1.4) to split a large .FLAC file which contains 13 tracks. In addition to the .FLAC file, I also have a .cue file, a .log file, as well as .bmp files of the album cover, etc.

I am sure that I don't have the Cue Paths correct because none of it makes any sense. However, CueTools does analyze the .FLAC file and claims to write the various tracks out, but I cannot find them.

I simply want to read the .cue file from K:\Music\GroupName\AlbumName - GroupName.cue and have CueTools write the 13 tracks to K:\Music\GroupName\Album\TrackName.FLAC

Could someone please tell me what to place in the Cue paths so that the actual tracks are written as above?

Any advice would be most appreciated.


CueTools Causing Me Fits

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OK first the naming individual tracks is controlled by CUETools Advanced Settings -> CUETools tab -> Audio Filenames -> Track format:. (Click the little gray gear cog icon in the upper right.)
The default is %tracknumber%. %title% if you just want the title then change it to %title%

The output path should define a cue filename (even if you plan to throw it away).
You can create a template (Output: Use Template) and enter this in the template box.
K:\Music\%artist%\%album%\%artist% - %album%.cue

Note: you'll need to manually copy the cover art. Only a thumbnail of the cover is copied by CUETools.

CueTools Causing Me Fits

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Hi, Korth:

That did the trick - Now that I know exactly how to create these entries, I shouldn't have any more problems!! 

Thanks ever so much!


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