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Akai att022u Turntable

I've had this turntable a while, and it used to play all my mum's (and my small but ever growing) collection of Vinyl LPs without any problems.

Recently however we can't get it to play. The arm won't "drop" far enough to touch the album to play it (i.e. the stylus hovers above the record). I've tried recalibrating the counterweight as per the instructions that came with the turntable with no luck...

I'm not too sure what else could be causing the problem (other than the arm itself). I'm not aware of anything happening to the turntable in the time period between it working and not (to my knowledge, noboby bumped it/dropped it/etc.)

Any help/suggestions you can give will be fantastic!

Akai att022u Turntable

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This might sound dumb, but just in case...

If this image corresponds to the product you mention, the small black lever near the arm on the top-right of the turntable supposedly does exactly that, i.e. level up the arm to position the arm over the disc, and then level it down to touch the surface. (and the opposite way when putting it out).
It is intended to minimize the risk of scratches when putting up or down the arm.

If that isn't the problem, then, it is at least he first thing to investigate (see if there is some dust or something that causes the lever no not move fully, etc)

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