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Title: Verify question...
Post by: OllieDixon on 2019-08-24 19:30:56
I've been using CUETools to verify a bunch of my very old FLAC rips i found on an old external. I usually do an encode if verified pass (FLAC to FLAC) to get everything named the way i like these days and clean up the tags..

When its checking/verifying the files.. is it just using the CRCs contained in the log? Or is it somehow checking to FLAC files to make sure they match the original WAV files? I really have no idea what its doing.. lol. If anyone could tell me what it's doing, step by step, that would be awesome.

Worst case example of what i mean: What would happen if one ripped a disc to WAV files and then left it like that for months before encoding the WAVs to FLAC. Say during those months a WAV file got corrupted somehow (before being encoded to FLAC).. Is this something that CUETools could detect while verifying that rip today?

If that makes any sense.. lol

Cheers :)

Bonus round.. What is the magic its using to be able to find the files it needs with near perfect accuracy.. even when names in the cue and/or log do not match the actual files!? lol
Title: Re: Verify question...
Post by: korth on 2019-08-24 21:42:07
The action 'Verify' is used to check your rip against the AccurateRip (http://wiki.hydrogenaud.io/index.php?title=AccurateRip) and/or the CUETools (CTDB) (http://cue.tools/wiki/CUETools_Database) database(s).

The process decompresses compressed files 'on-the-fly', calculates checksums for the uncompressed wav and compares to checksums stored in the database(s).
The process also calculates CRC32 values (with and without leading and trailing null samples included in the calculation) that can be compared to the original Copy CRC values in an EAC extraction log (http://cue.tools/wiki/CUETools_log#EAC-Style_Info_Section).
The process will stop on broken files and decompression errors that prevent continuous reading of the audio data. Damaged files that can still be read continuously are processed.

CUETools can use CUE, embedded CUE, M3U file, files within a folder by preceding track numbers in the filenames, or files grouped by the MetaData Tags.
Title: Re: Verify question...
Post by: OllieDixon on 2019-08-24 21:53:08
Awesome. That's pretty much what i hoped it was doing, heh.

Seems like it would fail my extreme example.

Thank you. :)
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