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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: how to improve darkone4mod theme. help needed
Last post by porotikos -
Hi guys. when it comes to foobar i am a noob. good in following instructions but still a noob.

Today, out of the blue, while foobar seemed to work, nothing was showing. no playback list, no waveform, no lyrics, nothing. if i pressed play, everything was playing, but it was invisible. was running darkone theme v4.

i googled a bit, i saw a new version called darkone4mod, and installed it. playlist appeared as everything else. new skin was fine but not as great as the default darkone skin in my opinion. so again i tried to reinstall darkone theme on top. no change. i am stuck with darkone4mod theme.

here it is how it looks

so, since i am stuck, id like to modify it a bit to my liking. it just needs a few touches, that i dont know how to do.

first of all, id like these awful looking boxes that say no cover, to be invisible, if no artwork can be found

would really appreciate any help in this. this is my main concern

secondly the grey area in the bottom, with the control buttons etc, id like it to look sharper. probably it needs a better analysis. and to be smaller in height perhaps. how can i do that?

and last, can i add an artist bio window in the bottom left, where i can choose lyrics etc?

thank you. i am assuming that all bit perfect settings etc were not messed upo, when i updated skin right? will have to checkl that all over again.

thanks guys
you are more than right my friend. basic settings didnt change.

now why from crossing from darkone skin to darkonemod skin, without being able to revert to the old one, this i cannot understand.
is there a way to save all the other settings apart from skin, so that if i completely uninstall foobar, and reinstall it, i can put my settings back up and then try again to install the darkone skin and be happy? thank you
CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC+FLAC error - strange %source% value
Last post by Apesbrain -
Try with "Additional command-line options" set only to %source% just to see if working.  If you are ripping to a network location, that can cause issues.  Rip to your local machine and copy over later.

You don't need "-6" nor "-o %dest%" in your commandline if using latest version of EAC.
General Audio / Re: I just wanted to copy a CD.... (CDBurnerXP)
Last post by korth -
You can copy CD to CD with AnyBurn. Watch for malware (OpenCandy offers) in the installer. There is a portable version.
I'd recommend a two-step process though. Extract the digital audio from the CD with a program that uses secure ripping and/or (AccurateRip, CTDB) database verification then burn.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: how to improve darkone4mod theme. help needed
Last post by tpijag -
Just to help clarity, you are using a single individuals idea of how they want Foobar2000 to look and work.
The best place for support is with that person, wherever you may of downloaded it.

Foobar2000 has many settings that can be used and adjusted regarding sound. No one here has any idea what settings you have chosen to select. Though It is unlikely that simply loading a theme created by someone other than yourself has changed basic setting, YMMV.

General Audio / Re: I just wanted to copy a CD.... (CDBurnerXP)
Last post by teh roxxors -
That's just the name. It does not require XP. Likely the name remains unchanged for sake of familiarity. It runs on everything up to 10.

I can see how this is good fodder, but there's more to it than that.

I have used ImgBurn, but always as a two-step process for creating and image and later burning that image. I would prefer something more elegant, perhaps intended for this specific purpose.
CD Hardware/Software / EAC+FLAC error - strange %source% value
Last post by B-N-O -
Sorry if this problem has already been discussed, but my usage of Google found me nothing, so...
On "Test & Copy Selected Tracks - Compressed" command EAC creates WAV-file with the proper name in the target directory and then says "The external compressor returned an error!"; the command line displayed is
Code: [Select]
-6 -V (a bunch of -T "param=value") "[tmp--658.wav" -o "[tmp--658.flac"
The thing is, I can't find such files in TEMP folder and it doesn't make much sense anyway. FLAC command line ends with
Code: [Select]
%source% -o %dest%
so I think something is wrong with the order of operations - compressor-related code assumes WAV is created as a temporary, but WAV-reading code thinks it should go into the target folder. Anyway, I'm at loss about how to make this work properly (or why it broke in the first place).

(EAC version is 1.0 beta 3 from August 2011, in "Compression options" options "Delete WAV" and "check return code" are checked, "Test encoder" works OK)
AAC / Re: Does mp3 have more bass information than m4a?
Last post by magicgoose -
This isn't a correct way to compare lossy codecs since their ultimate goal is to press as much bits as possible out of the song while keeping the necessary information to fool the ears&brain into not hearing any difference from the original under normal circumstances (like, not listening to isolated channel differences, some extreme EQ settings, etc).
They might use quite different methods to do this but this alone doesn't mean that one is better than the other.
Regrading the bass, if you pick a quality setting when the codec should be transparent, it follows that the bass is perceived the same.

mp3 cbr 320kbps should be transparent and it is already waste of space, there's no point using CBR 320 if you can use V0 or even V2 (V2 is transparent to most people AFAIK, and if it's not, it's probably a "killer sample" of some sort).
AAC at even higher bitrates is, in turn, even more silly.
If you can hear a difference with the source on any of these, it probably means you're doing something wrong with the conversion or playback... because in both cases it should normally be impossible to hear difference.
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