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Topic: 2.0 (Portable) - Will the absence of the "profiles" directory cause problems? (Read 234 times) previous topic - next topic
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2.0 (Portable) - Will the absence of the "profiles" directory cause problems?

I owe the organization of my audio library to foobar2000. I ripped all the content from my (closed) CD store to HDDs using CUERipper and refining the organization with foobar2000 - by far the best in the world when you know what you want and what you're doing (thanks for the unsurpassed Masstagger)! And this extraordinary technology is free - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

In this context, I clarify that I don't like the "profiles" folder - not that this is a complaint, it's just a purely personal preference - although I understand very well the usefulness of its existence (it helps very well in organizing directories).

That said, after more than 8 years of keeping a comfortable pattern, I'm migrating to the very welcome version 2.0 and I'd like to keep my portable installation of foobar2000 as "open" as possible, without hiding directories under directories, as I like to have an overview of everything contained in the main directory ("foobar2000").

So, I take care to ask:

Will I run any risk of future incompatibility if I keep avoiding the "profile" directory?

Thank you very much. I only have reasons to be grateful. Thanks.