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v2 beta bug report(s)

- ReFacets:
1. Create a view (preferences)
2. Use that view (as part of Multiple colums)
3. Rename that view (preferences)
-> new name not synced with view table header

4. Rightclick view header
-> (old) view name not in contextmenu, so not deselectable.
-> New view name present in context menu, but not checked.

Re: v2 beta bug report(s)

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- On update foobar deletes custom addons in program file's components folder

(Happened on update from b6 to b7. Forgot to test on update to b8)

Re: v2 beta bug report(s)

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The components folder is reserved for fb2k core components only.

You should have a user-components folder which has been the supported way since fb2k v1.1 10+ years ago.

Re: v2 beta bug report(s)

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Thanks for your answer.

Some more info/details:

Pre v2 did not delete components in that folder, so this was very unexpected to see.

In my case, it's a multiuser system and saved other users from installing/updating commonly used plugins (decoders, dsp, visualization, lyrics,...) by not using the per user user-components folder(s)

I started testing with b6, btw.

Re: v2 beta bug report(s)

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Various ReFacets annoyances fixed in beta 9, thanks for reporting.
We are the bork. Your software bugs will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

Re: v2 beta bug report(s)

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Good day everyone!

I'm noticing 2 things with beta 9 that might be bugs.
#1 %playback_time% doesn't show the current time marker for a playing song any more. Did support/syntax for this change?
#2 the default playlist doesn't scroll to the next song when seeking the next song to play.

Keep up the good work and thanks!

Re: v2 beta bug report(s)

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Beta 9 is recognized as a virus!!!

You've already proved you have no idea what you're talking about in this thread.,123006.msg1016113.html#msg1016113

Case gave an explanation which you complete ignored and then you stated

Being a user with no programming skills/knowledge  I am worried

Worried? Fine, don't use it. Leave the rest of us adults alone.