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I need a developer

Hi, I am new here. I am looking for someone who can help me. I want to make an app for ioS or Android - that will play MP3 files.

The idea is that we will provide a central library of self help and personal development audios that users will be able to sample and to purchase.

So the app will need to sample (stream?) and select (buy - I will hold their payment details) tracks into their "library"
The app will enable them  to download tracks form their library - or delete tracks they have downloaded - it might be best if it lists all their purchased tracks and marks those downloaded - with an option to delete a download track or to download one that is not on the phone

They app will let them play downloaded tracks. It would good if they could mark and list their favourites or last played tracks for rapid access.

The back end will allow me to add new tracks: mp3, title, subtitle, category, graphic for the player, description and maybe the sample - so I guess I need an app and the back end.

On first use of the app they will need to sign up and provide a valid debit, credit card. or paypal etc means of payments'. A new install will allow then to connect to their existing account.

Is foobar the right technology? - and does anyone know anyone who can help me by building this? what would the budget be?