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effect dsp issue

can someone make effect dsp but with a resizable window so that i can have it in my layout without it being ugly as heck? (check photos) i would like it to be the same width as everything else. thanks.

Re: effect dsp issue

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That would take resizable dialog elements which were not made easily possible until very recently with new SDK revisions.

Re: effect dsp issue

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i guess my best bet is dsp preset switcher then

Re: effect dsp issue

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oh also,  a plugin that detects bpm and loops a varied number of bars would be cool! like in virtual dj

Re: effect dsp issue

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Why do you want this from an audio player? Clearly this is functionality that is expensive to develop, and should probably be in a DJ app, not an audio player.

A BPM detector may make this remotely possible, but seeking around in files and looping them arbitrarily by BPM or beats is better left to the player core, and not a plugin that merely controls this existing player core.

Re: effect dsp issue

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.....Over my time developing things for the public for free, there is a common truth that people, when given an inch, will take the entire universe when it comes to what they expect from something, that again, is for free, and done completely in my spare time.

This is exceptionally draining not just mentally, but draining of time which could be spent for me doing things I actually need to do, like have a life, for one.

More and more is expected for free, and that support at any hour of any day is expected and if it doesn't meet people's expectations, then the wrath of Satan himself is spawned.

The first problem: resizable dialogs, is being worked on (as well as a complete rework of foo_dsp_effect), but as mentioned above, there is no ETA at all, if any, when it will be finished.

As for beat detection, that was indeed done before by me, with a multi-threaded fork of foo_bpm, with various other beat detection algorithms (all with completely different degrees of success, was pondering even adding Milkdrop's/AVS' beat detectors at some point since those seem pretty good).

Looping by detecting beats would take forever to do so on a noncommercial basis. And I already have decent sources of income anyway so I don't want to be paid to make such a thing.

Re: effect dsp issue

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relax buddy i just said it would be cool