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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_dsp_vlevel
Last post by elcosomalo -
Hello everyone. What is the prime function of Vlevel and its optimal setting. Thank you in advance for your answers
Eg: You listen in a louder environment. Like in a car. Classical, orchestral music may have very quiet parts but also very loud ones. Rather a problem in a casual listening environment. You may be permanently fiddling the volume knob because sometimes you cannot hear anything, then later it is so loud, killing your ears. VLevel controls that for you in a reasonable way (i. e., not in a too nervously). Keeps levels up when it's quiet, takes volume down right before the big boom (Example: Mahler Sym. 6, ending of movement 4). Default settings are pretty good start.

Let me add to those reasons one more: Listening to old radio shows, and spoken live content. Voice volume fluctuated a lot at that time, specially when the speaker talks out of the mic when looking at others. A compresor just raises hum noise in that case but the voice stays almost the same (low) volume. Vlevel or volume leveling in general raises the volume dynamically in real time when this "holes" in audio appear. Think of this as "listening to podcasts with bad sound".
General Audio / Re: wires
Last post by DVDdoug -
The most incredible thing I've ever read;
You must be new to this stuff...  I assume you don't normally read Stereophile or other audiophile publications/websites? :D :D :D  

The audiophile community is dominated by nonsense and a lot of it is expensive nonsense!   Unfortunately, "audiophile" has bad connotations (among the sane population).    They tend to use a lot of flowery language that gives you a feeling or impression rather than scientific-engineering terminology like noise, distortion, and frequency response.      It's not too bad if they say a speaker (or cable) is "musical" if they also tell you why or tell you what the means in words that actually mean something.   ...But I'm not going to believe that cable has any particular sound unless it's BADLY defective.    And most audiophiles "don't believe in" blind listening tests.

There is a fair amount of nonsense in the pro audio world too, but when it comes to cables the pros are mostly concerned with reliability.

Hydrogen Audio and Audio Science Review are rare exceptions.    Here it's all about blind listening.   Measurements aren't exactly banned but not everything that's measurable is audible so if you are claiming it sounds better you have to back it up with a proper-scientific ABX Test.   (Also see the "famous" TOS #8

ASR it's more focused on measurements but both are logic & science based.     Audiophoolery is also worth reading.

Speaking of cables...   I read something interesting recently...     If you buy from a retail audio/video store they have to price the receivers, speakers, and all of the regular components competitively because otherwise you're going to buy online or somewhere else.      But if they can sell you some "upgraded" cables they can get a good mark-up.    They aren't going to push stupid-expensive cables unless you are rich audiophile but they might try to sell you something for 3 or 4 times the price of cheap cables.      Usually that would be after the deal is done on the other equipment so you don't balk at spending a hundred dollars more...  Along with the high-profit extended warranty. :D
General Audio / Re: wires
Last post by soundping -
When there's too much money, somebody is there to soak it up.

That's the new banana taped to the wall.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by iridescentaudio -
I haven't been able to get this component to successfully queue playlists so far, every playlist I've tried fails and spits errors in console. I have no trouble with individual video links. Version 3.8.

Code: [Select]
foo_youtube: [error] #07, Analysis, no video found on Youtube: Playlist URL
foo_youtube: #07,
foo_youtube: [error] #08, The request is missing a valid API key. (code: 403)
foo_youtube: [error] tp.l > could not process '': Unsupported file format

Any pointers? Thanks.