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Where are music files stored on an iPhone?

I used the FTP supplied in FB2K mobile settings to transfer music files from the playlist in FB2K on my PC to my iPhone X. Now I want to access those files using a PC to iPhone utility that is not iTunes.  I've tried a few different apps and while they can see pretty much all the files on the iPhone they cannot see the foobar2000 folder that contains the music files.   I know its there because I can see it in the iPhone folders.  I am trying to find an alternative to the FB2K FTP as I continue to get an authorization error when trying to copy files to the iPhone.  I'm trying to copy 2K files from to the iPhone.

Re: Where are music files stored on an iPhone?

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It's in the App Sandbox, under the Documents folder.


Re: Where are music files stored on an iPhone?

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Thank you. I see the files now using an app named iFunBox.  I very much like the FTP abilities built into the mobile app, has there been any other reports of errors when copying a large number of files from the playlist to the phone?  Should I first copy all the files to a temporary folder and the do the copy via FTP from there? 

Re: Where are music files stored on an iPhone?

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You could also use latest iOS (I think it was added in 14?) to connect to an SMB share, then use the device itself to copy the files to the foobar2000 folder. Of course, then you're down to the mercy of using the Files app to do the syncing.

Re: Where are music files stored on an iPhone?

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Thanks again, my iPhone is running 14.4.2 and yes that worked.  I was easily able to connect to the PC once I entered the IP address and the login credentials.  The iFunbox app on the PC also worked, copying 2K files to the iPhone with no problem.  In my case I'm not worried about the sync since I replace the all music on the iPhone periodically with a random pull from my library using the Foobar2K random pools plugin.  I do the same thing with a USB drive for the car. Always nice to have a fresh playlist.  Foobar2K rocks, don't know how I'd manage my library without it.  Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it. 

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