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Did you forget to change it?

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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@WilB First of all, thank you very much for your work.
I love your "Library Tree". New options work as expected.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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I can't reproduce that with the new version ( Nothing should have changed for those items & all's working well on my test set-ups. All panel properties does is initially read the settings from the script, and those ones are identical to before. The settings are retained unless edited by the user. Try resetting the affected panel properties by deleting them.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Hi WilB I'm using version and getting

'undefined' is null or not an object
File: <main>
Line: 558, Col: 221

When I use a view;
View by Band // $swapprefix(%<band>%,A,The)|$if($stricmp($meta(band,0),various artists),,['('%date%') '])%album%[ '('%disctitle%')'][|Disk %discnumber%]|[%tracknumber% ][%track artist% - ]%title%

It seems to be the multi-value band tag that is causing it. If I use $meta(band,0) all is okay - but I don't get entries for the other values in the tag.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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@Black_Over_Bills_Mothers. Thanks for the report. The issue seems to occur when running the script with the JScript engine. Under the 'chakra' engine the issue disappeared for me. Incidentally, note that in your example, $swapprefix applies to the whole str content. $swapprefix(%<field>%) doesn't split the values and apply $swapprefix to each. Any string manipulation function that removes a part of a string or inserts a substring by position is generally unsafe in multi-value branching expressions.

All users of Library Tree should ensure that the 'Chakra' script engine is used (requires IE9 or later) - select in the JScript panel configuration window  (shift + right click).

If updating to JScript panel 2.0.1, existing panels will default to the JScript engine and so the 'chakra' engine has to be set.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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@WilB Thanks for the reply, it now works. However as you point out $swapprefix(%<band>%,A,The) doesn't actually work as I had intended. It now splits the muli-value tag band correctly but doesn't do anything with the prefix, they are ignored. Not nice.

Since this seems to be a limitation with foobar core/ColumnsUI I probably don't stand much chance of getting this fixed! So it occurs to me that it could be done within the JScript code itself. Just a thought!...

As usual thanks for your continued efforts on this panel, I couldn't do without it now.


Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Looking for a bit of help, I'm trying to sort my albums by year (old to new) but I keep messing it up.

Here's my filter:
Code: [Select]
Brad // %artist%|%album% $if(%date%,'['[%date%]']')|$if(%discnumber%,[Disc %discnumber%|%tracknumber%_%title%],[%tracknumber%_%title%])

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