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MP3 / Re: why does the file sound better
Last post by greynol -
TOS Hydrogenaudio Terms of Service / Notices

TOS 8. All members that put forth a statement concerning subjective sound quality, must -- to the best of their ability -- provide objective support for their claims.  Acceptable means of support are double blind listening tests (ABX or ABC/HR) demonstrating that the member can discern a difference perceptually, together with a test sample to allow others to reproduce their findings.  Graphs, non-blind listening tests, waveform difference comparisons, and so on, are not acceptable means of providing support.
-> 8.

Hydrogenaudio is supposed to be an objectively minded community that relies on double-blind testing and relevant methods of comparison in discussion about sound quality. The usual "audiophile" speak of non-audio related terms which are completely subjective and open to redefinition on a whim, are useless for any sort of progression in discussion.

This rule is the very core of Hydrogenaudio, so it is very important that you follow it.

Here is a discussion explaining why
Subjective vs Objective opinions

You can read how to easily perform double blind listening tests here :
What is a blind ABX test ?
General Audio / Re: Downsampling Vinyl-Rips to CD
Last post by Rollin -
Specifically, by default, SoX automatically adds TPDF dither when the output bit-depth is less than 24 and any of the following are true
This is true for SoX commandline tool. But you aren't using it.

If you use ffmpeg, it will NOT dither by default. You need to set dither manually.
-af "aresample=44100:resampler=soxr:precision=33:osf=s16:dither_method=shibata" (if using this command you also can ommit -ar 44100 -sample_fmt s16p)
More dither methods are available, see
MP3 / Re: why does the file sound better
Last post by Case -
The MP3 has peaks a bit over 2 dB above full scale. If you play it at maximum volume it will be over 2 dB quieter for the most parts for example in foobar2000.
MP3 / Re: why does the file sound better
Last post by doriandun -
I have added and mp3 and wav as an sample,

Re. Case " FLAC doesn't deteriorate quality"

I was refering to the practice from going from mp3 to wave and then that wave file to flac. as i done in this experiement.

I tried the foobar replay gain, as was suggested on the mp3 and it does not have the same polish.
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