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Last post by david-lisb -
My collection is 320go of flac.
with CVBR 224: 240 kps
with TVBR 224: 230 kps
Since i don't hear difference, i'll go with TVBR
Scientific Discussion / Re: Wav volume changing FLAC sizes
Last post by jsdyson -
Nothing is perfect, FLAC predictors aren't either. There surely exist data patterns that you can add to sound file, which don't add actual meaningful information, but will cause FLAC files to bloat because its predictors won't handle them efficiently. FLAC isn't a format that aims at maximum compression.

You can add predictors which might decrease the file size a little.  Here is one set that I have used:
--best -e -A "tukey(0.67)" -A "partial_tukey(10/0.33/0.22)" -A "punchout_tukey(10/0.33/0.22)" -A "blackman_harris_4term_92db" -A "gauss(0.005)" -A "partial_tukey(3/0.50/0.33)" -A "punchout_tukey(4/0.50/0.33)"

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Facets (foo_facets)
Last post by anamorphic -
Sorry - I'm not familiar with how iDevices do anything, but it might recognize "Album Title Sort Order" / ALBUMSORTORDER tag (if foobar maps correctly to 'soal' as referenced for iTunes here) - if you want to try that method in my previous post.

Best of luck 8)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Facets (foo_facets)
Last post by TheEmpathicEar -
@anamorphic I added an "Artist" column to the middle pane [in addition to the "Album" and "Date" columns]. Now, those two albums each have their own separate entries. This might only help for purposes of display? i.e. I use the IPod plugin, here, and noticed that I am having the same issue on my IPOD, one entry for both albums in Album view. I posted a similar question in that forum.  Do you know anything about this?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Facets (foo_facets)
Last post by anamorphic -
[I am not sure if this is specific to Facets] Example: I have two albums titled, "Greatest Hits", one by Neil Young and one by Guns N Roses, both released in 2004. In album view, instead of having two separate entries for each album, I have one entry with all tracks for both albums listed together. i.e. Track 1, Track 1, Track 2, Track 2, etc. What to do? Is this a matter of settings?
Foobar can only work with the info you provide, so you need to give it more info to differentiate the two albums. You can do so by adding extra tags and/or changing column formatting. To give credit where it is due, @Porcus had some great suggestions in this thread.

Firstly you might as well add a %path_sort% to the 'Default Sort Order' under Facets preferences. That should stop track numbers being listed 1,1,2,2 etc, and instead 1,2,3 etc. For example -
Code: [Select]
%date%|$stripprefix(%album%)|$stripprefix(%album artist%)|%path_sort%[|%discnumber%]|%tracknumber%|$stripprefix(%title%)

This might not entirely solve the problem however, so...

Method #1. I might suggest this would be a good use of ALBUMSORTORDER tag. You could add the tag giving one album a different name for sorting operations (right-click one album name to select all tracks > Properties > Tools > Add new field > 'Single Value' tab)

Single value : Greatest Hits ยน

Then reference it in Facets (right-click Album column > Columns > Preferences > change the pattern for Album or make a new one)


EDIT: I'm actually not sure now if it should be ALBUMSORT here or ALBUMSORTORDER here - so go with the latter foobar doc.

(I have not tested this by the way, and I'm not certain if superscript numbers are sorted numerically like normal numbers, nor how other media players might interpret the tag)

The advantage here, if you have multiple releases of the same album with same tags, it should group them individually while you can still use the correctly named %album% tag (without sorting number) for display in playlist viewers.

Method #2. Apart from or in addition that, some people tag albums with a disc ID or %catalognumber%, which you could append to the end of the Album pattern, if you like how that looks.

['['%publisher%[ %catalognumber%]']']

Or instead you could make the above a new 'Catalog' column, and add it as a multiple column to the Album view (right-click Album column > Columns > enable Multiple Columns > right-click > Columns > Catalog) - a neat Facets feature! ;)

Method #3. Aside from all the above, a simple way discovered in the aforementioned thread, you could add an invisible "Zero Width Space" character to the end of one album name. The font you use for foobar 'Lists/Playlists' would need to support it, otherwise you would see a square box instead. Follow that link and click the "Fonts that support" page to check such.

To use the character, click "Browser Test Page" on that link, at the end you'll see a text box with "Input Test" next to it - copy and paste the contents of this box to the end of your album title. The album should then have a different name for foobar sorting even though it looks exactly the same.

(This is perhaps a bit risky as no one except you will know there is an invisible character there, but a quick way to fix one album, so whatever).

Cheers 8)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: iPod manager
Last post by TheEmpathicEar -
Example: I have two albums titled, "Greatest Hits", one by Neil Young and one by Guns N Roses, both released in 2004. In album view, instead of having two separate entries, one for each album, I have one entry with all tracks for both albums listed together. i.e. Track 1, Track 1, Track 2, Track 2, etc. What to do? Is this a matter of settings? If I browse by artist, each album is displayed separately.
FLAC / FLAC files looking different after editing in foobar
Last post by Triptolemos -
Hello everybody, I'm not sure these kinds of questions go here but I couldn't find a more suitable subforum.

The problem I'm having is that when I open FLAC files on foobar and edit them so everything's to my liking, the files in my folder sometimes change into an abbreviation of the original name.

The picture I've added shows the problem. As you can see one file is unchanged, the others were like this before editing. However the unchanged file was edited too, so I'm not sure what exactly is causing this.

Thanks for reading
Audio Hardware / No substitute for proper mic positioning? (Re: headsets, especially Bluetooth)
Last post by andy o -
So something I've been annoyed about, that I haven't really heard anyone mention about this trend of "truly wireless" BT headsets, is that the mic(s) is/are pretty much on your ear(s). My thinking is that there really is no substitute for good mic placement even in headsets, and something like the wired Apple earpods' mic sounds a LOT better in calls, no matter how fancy the noise reduction algorithms and quantity of mics there are in the BT headset. And it's not just wired headsets, but also Bluetooth headsets which have wires and inline mics.

My experience is with a few Sony BT headsets. Even something as fancy as the WI-1000X, which has a huge neckband where they could easily have put a mic on, uses the noise-cancelling mics on the ears for calls. And it sounds awful. I guess if you speak loudly (and annoyingly to other people) it will work well enough.

Has anyone tested any of these BT headsets that actually don't compromise much on mic audio quality? I'm curious about how the Airpods fare on this, compared to wired or inline mics.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Undo tagging operations
Last post by jazzthieve -
I don't know what's the reason to not have foobar2000 not have a function to undo tag.

That's easy, most people don't have issues with the problem you're describing and/or have preventive measures in place to help with such problems (backups). This seems to be a niche fringe request imho and considering the response in this thread you shouldn't expect anyone to jump in and make something and dedicate their time to it.
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