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General - (fb2k) / Re: Gamepad controls
Last post by Coreda -
The only live link I could find was for the 0.0.1 version on The 0.2.0 beta version seen on the original site doesn't have any mirrors that are still alive (see the thread from years ago here).

Someone lurking may have a copy here they might like to share though.
What is the storage driver (& how is it that I don't need it ) ?
The storage driver is more likely to be at fault than the Nvidia driver. Try uninstalling it (you may not actually need it to function at all) and then reinstalling the last version.

Alternatively you could always reinstall windows or doors the free update to Windows 10.
Thank you very much for the link, I couln't find it on their website.
However, unfortunately, after downloading and installing it, and rebooted, there is no change whatsoever. This is very frustrating..
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_musicbrainz
Last post by Fladder72 -
The code that checks MBIDs are valid expects lower case characters. The first 7 begin with a capital F.

The MBIDs I've got from Picard...
Anyway, I've changed "some" MBIDs by using Mp3Tag formatting all to lower case Characters, it counts up to 217 changes...
Now foo_musicbrainz work as as expected  :)

Is it possible to make the Script work with upper and lower case characters in MBIDs?
Based on the Dell support page, I have downloaded (from them) and installed the most recent Nvidia drivers for my PC...or is there something I have missed ?
Support pages are often not kept up to date for older products.

You could try the 330M driver directly from NVIDIA:
Windows 7 32bit:
Windows 7 64bit:

EDIT: If it is an NVIDIA Optimus then you would also need to update to the latest Intel Graphics driver(compatible with your Intel HD Graphics) from:

What makes you claim that CDs have intentionally crippled mastering and why?
Audible differences among different mastering techniques not necessarily happen among different formats, they can happen even if they are within the same format, like CD vs CD or mp3 vs mp3 with same encoding parameters. At the extreme side an inferior format can even outperform a superior format. For example this one:

For more information read:

If you ask why, I can think of several reasons:
1. Discourage people to buy CD since it is very difficult to make CD DRM-able.
2. Boost the sales of DRM-able formats like MQA or flac files with watermark.
3. Boost the sales of hi-res and DRM compatible audio hardware.
4. To win the loudness war.
Porcus : my battery is already dead, so no risk... : where can I disable the "battery controller" ?

I had a couple of .bat files to turn on and off, although I do not remember quite anymore ... new computer now.   A couple of searches brought me to
One more question: has there been found any volunteer that wrote a foobar2k plugin to detect watermarked files? I would also be very interested in that. Or is there any tool that can do this for a bunch of files or that could be called from a batch script?
So I guess the best thing could be going back to buying CDs, no matter which label is selling the music.

What kind of music are you listening to?  (Ever been to Bandcamp?)
Yes I have, and I also already bought music of some artists there. You are right, if the artist I want to buy music of, is available on bandcamp this is a good alternative + I'm directly supporting the artist. But still, not every musician/band I listen to has their music available on a bandcamp page so this does not fully solve the problem. I mostly listen to nearly every style of rock music, no matter if alternative, punk, metal, pop rock etc etc... Also acoustic artists / singer-songwriter in my collection and a few soundtracks of movies I like.
At least you have two choices!

CD: intentionally crippled mastering
Download: bloated hi-rez files with better mastering + potential watermark
What makes you claim that CDs have intentionally crippled mastering and why? If you are referring to the difference in resolution between CD (44,1/16) and HiRes downloads like 44,1/24 or 96/24 etc: I don't think I am one of those who can successfully pass an ABX test between a lossless file in CD format and a HiRes format. Well, I did not try it, but I would not call myself an audiophile. I can hardly differentiate between a lossless original and a lossy coded version of that, even with quality settings that for others is not transparent any more. And to be honest: I am happy that this is the case, because I am listening to music, and I always perfectly enjoyed it with my MP3 and Vorbis files coded from FLACs in CD quality (44,1/16). I don't feel any need to buy some HiRes files and even on qobuz, when I have the coice I would rather save a few € and buy the 44,1/16 version than buying an HiRes version which for me is audibly exactly the same.

So, my current feeling is that I would rather go with "good old" CDs ripped to my FLAC collection, than buying a lossless download, possibly infested with an audible watermark. But another alternative, referring to another thread that has been posted above, I think, could be to go to the store of UMG and buy music directly there, since it seemed like these versions aren't watermarked. Is that true, or have there also been watermarked files from that store?

As far as I understand, the watermark identifies the reseller which sold the music - so there is no reseller (and for that, also no watermark??) if bought directly at the label??