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Off-Topic / Re: Help regarding understanding Forensic Report
Last post by doon -
Dear moderators I am new to this forum so did not know which forum to post this query, if it needs to be moved kindly do so.
Off-Topic / Help regarding understanding Forensic Report
Last post by doon -
Greetings to all. I am new to this forum. I am complete non-techie. Dear learned forum members I have an 5 mb audio file in wave format which I got examined in USA for authenticity and tampering if any. The forensic company has submitted its report, which however I am unable to understand, unluckily the company is very slow in responding to mails. For information this audio has been recorded in a philips gogear mix 2gb version, I do not have the model no. I was supplied with a copy of the audio file on a CD. The examiner has concluded that the file is not authentic. I am attaching herewith the relevant pages of the report for ready reference. My questions are :
1. The media info of the file shows that the file is truncated, what does this mean? The hash checksum is a match for the file on the CD and the file on the Philips digital recorder.
2. The examiner has concluded that there is deletion at the beginning and end but no indication of exact place and other details of deletions have been provided. On enquiring the company informed through mail as quoted “ Changing the format of the audio impacted our ability to determine duration, date/time of the recording.  To obtain this information, we’ll need to gain access to the original recording.   Audio creator did everything possible to conceal origin of this recording”. I am wondering how they have been able to conclude that there was deletion is out of my understanding. Can somebody help me understand this?
     I am sorry for the long post but I need help to understand this report.
Thanks in advance.


is it possible to use foobar to create an audio signal that i can stream? like with the vlc player?
Support - (fb2k) / Foobar2000 UPnP/DLNA does not work
Last post by maurice123 -

I use Foobar2000 to stream music files to my blu ray player with the foo_upnp.fb2k-component. With my last desktop this worked perfect. It was a windows 7 pc. But with my new pc with windows 10 home it doesn't work anymore. I can't see foobar2000 in my homegroup devices. Also on my blu ray player (Marantz UD7007) I can't see the foobar2000 map.

At first I could see the map foobar2000 on my blu ray player, but I couldn't see the music files within it.  After that I deleted foobar2000 at the homegroup. Now my pc can't see foobar2000 at all in the homegroup. After that I reinstalled foobar2000 from my pc, but that doesn't work either.

Does anyone know how I can solve the problem.

Thanks in advance.

I'm hoping that someone can explain what is happening and perhaps offer a solution. Thanks for reading.

The problem:
When rates change: 24/192 to 24/96 to 16/44.1 each time there is a click, DAC switches and sound plays.
However, sometimes there is a problem switching mostly from 16/44.1 to 24bit, there is a click but no sound. I have to turn off the DAC and back on. This doesn’t happen every time but often enough.

My setup is Foobar 1.4 beta 2 on Windows-7 64bit. (The Wasapi issues were worse on lower versions of Foobar)
Audioengine D1 DAC connected via Optical to the Realtek® ALC1150.

The settings for WASAPI are as follows:
WASAPI (event): Realtek Digital Output (Optical) (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Buffer 440ms. Output format: 24-bit.
Advanced:  Hardware Buffer in MS – event mode: 25, (push set to 200); high priority process
The buffering up to 1,000,000
Advanced: Decoding Tone/Sweep rate: 44,100
Decoding priority: Tone Sweep; Silence; FLAC; MPEG

The Realtek software is set:
Supported Rates by digital receiver: 44.1; 48; 96; 192kHz
Exclusive mode: applications take exclusive control and priority
Shared Mode: 2 channel, 24 bit, 192kHz;
DSP disabled
Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-beta is here
Last post by Dynamic -
I was just wondering, and perhaps @jmvalin would know, with the music/speech detection getting near-perfect as you mentioned in another thread a month or two ago, is it good enough that there would scope to:

A. Specify a low bitrate for speech-only and a higher bitrate for music (or mixed music and speech) to optimize better for podcasts or radio shows, say. (For example 16 or 24 kbps during speech-only is very good quality, while 40-64 kbps CELT would be good for theme tunes and incidental music (and perhaps even applause and certain other non-speech sounds, especially if in stereo), and perhaps 96 kbps for music would be better if music fidelity was highly important - e.g. a music documentary playing clips. Perhaps a preset -podcast-low would be (16 speech, 40 music), -podcast-medium would be (24 speech, 64 music), and -podcast-high would be (24 speech, 96 music)

B. Output a signal or a file indicating the switching points between speech and music. This is probably a niche use case, but I listen to a number of podcasts at around 2.0x speed in PodcastAddict, sometimes 2.4x if the people speak really slowly. In some cases they play a piece of music which really needs to be at 1.0x speed. I could imagine a gradual slow down as the music is about to start then a speed-up after the speech resumes might work.
The Pregap DSP you tested wasn't previously equipped to deal with your problem but I uploaded a new version that should be able to help. Version compatible with foobar2000 v1.3.7 can be downloaded here.

Since you are not using resampling or DS output you need to enable the "Add silence if audio format changes" setting in preferences.

Edit: the above setting also adds silence to the end of previous stream to prevent the end from getting cut off during sound card initializations. The end padding is currently hardcoded to 100 ms which was sufficient at least with WASAPI outputs at default settings.
FLAC / Re: FLAC Truncated? (Audio Checker)
Last post by probedb -
"From a good source"? Legal good source I take it?
I've been trying to figure out what's going on with themes since the latest update and still haven't found any fixes.

Is anyone else having theme problems like mine?

-Imported .fth files change the listed fonts and colors in the Preferences window, but don't have any effect on which colors and fonts display on the foobar2k music player itself
-Manually changing color preferences in the preferences window has no effect on the colors displaying in foobar2k
-Manually changing font preferences in the preferences window has no effect on the fonts displaying in foobar2k
-Changing which windows (visualizations, album list, etc.) should display in the quick setup window has no effect on which windows display in foobar2k
-Columns can no longer be split, although column sizes can be changed by drag and drop
-Resetting all preferences and settings does not change any part of foobar2k's appearance

No matter what I tried to change any part of the appearance of foobar2k, the last theme I created and used appears to now be foobar2k's permanent appearance.  Yes, I've hit Apply and OK, restarted foobar2k, and I'm considering wiping all my themes and playlists, uninstalling, and reinstalling to see if that makes any difference.

I figured I'd ask here first if there's a less drastic way of fixing this (or possibly, still not fixing this), as I'd prefer keeping my themes and playlists, as well as my ratings, play-counts, etc.
General Audio / Re: Album Art Downloader XUI
Last post by AlexVallat -
Can this file or list be manually edited?
Very strange. I can't guess what might be going on there, but yes, the file can be manually edited. In %localappdata%\AlbumArtDownloader look for the file: "AlbumArt.exe_Url_bunch of random characters\\user.config". This is an XML file. You are looking for <setting name="Presets"