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foobar2000 mobile / Cannot add custom skins - 1.4
Last post by ms1602 -
Do custom skins work for you? When I try to add something, nothing happens. I have version 1.4 build#783.

Edit. Ok, I know, the application does not load skins from the SD card, only from the default memory.
General Audio / Re: AI language models can exceed PNG and FLAC in lossless compression, says study
Last post by Porcus -
According to the paper, LZMA2 is better than FLAC at compressing the LibriSpeech corpus on normal settings(Chunk Size ∞) on 16kHz mono 16bit. LZMA2 is 29.9%, FLAC 30.9%. Can it be true?
Weird. The downloaded FLAC files are around 139 kbit/s, but uncompressed should be 256 since they are mono.

flac 1.4.3 -8b1024
317449945 bytes
-b1024 should be a good fit, if I understood correctly (and from the above, obviously I don't).
Apparently they took 2048 bytes chunks, and with mono 16 bits that corresponds to 1024 samples.
General - (fb2k) / Re: can I change dsp for some albums?
Last post by Air KEN -
Flex DSP (foo_flex_dsp)

File name and component name changed from Dynamic DSP.
Dynamic DSP settings are the same. Intuitive to use.


Playlist Attributes (foo_playlist_attributes)

Preferences > Tools > Playlist Attributes > Playlist: Select
DSP settins: Global uncheck > Edit... > Select DSP chain presets > Load > OK
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by ApacheReal -
@ eurekagliese


Already put into practice.

Edit: When restarting foobar2000 it goes into error.

JScript Panel 3.3.4 (Text Display + Album Art Blur by marc2003)
JavaScript run-time error
Cannot retrieve the 'Clone' property of a null or undefined reference
File: <main>
Line: 52, Col: 2

Listening Tests / Re: Personal blind comparison of the Bluetooth codec, AAC and SBC and LC3.
Last post by magicgoose -
IMO it's important to note that FDK-AAC, and the AAC encoders actually used in the wild specifically for Bluetooth, can be different like night and day. 
I have an Android phone where if you choose AAC bluetooth codec (or, more accurately - forget to un-choose it, since it's the default where it's supported), it sounds abysmal, with obvious artifacts when there are e.g. busy electric guitars and a drum kit.
General - (fb2k) / can I change dsp for some albums?
Last post by francesco -
there are different amps , for my ears marantz do sound to bright and with more treble for some album and denon sounds better for my ears for some albums , onkio and so on

would be nice to have the possibility to change EQ or other settings for albums , according the amps
I have searched aroung and i have found only Dynamic DSP v2
I have posted here ,because
1) i have't understood how does Dynamic DSP v2  work , i guess Dynamic DSP v2.1.1.3 it's the last version
I can't find a tutorial

2) outside Dynamic DSP v2.1.1.3 is there another way to change dsp according playlist or mostly albums

foobar2000 mobile / Re: 1.4 - almost all playlists say "untitled"
Last post by Peter -
I'm afraid this is a side effect of removal of support for Android filesystem sandbox.

The music folders need re-adding and the playlists need re-creating.

I understand that re-creation of playlists might take a lot of work, so please don't delete them yet. I simply overlooked the issue of playlists referencing old locations, I will investigate a workaround to fix your playlists automatically in the next update