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foobar2000 mobile / [Bugs, IOS] Capitalization | Tracks Hidden
Last post by a -
On IOS foobar2000 1.3.1, albums will retain previous capitalization values even if they are changed. For example I downloaded an album where the capitalization was standard (first letter of each word), but then I removed it from my phone, changed all the titles to lowercase, and upon redownloading it, all the capitalization was still standard. Would it ever be possible to allow for clearing of cache like this? The only way I've found to solve this is to copy and paste "look-alike" characters into each title affected, so as to make foobar think the titles are different.
If I download an album that maybe has multiple discs, but on each disc there is a track with the same name, only the tracks from the first disc will appear; this happens even with the "Hide duplicate tracks when browsing" setting off in Advanced. For example, Vomir/Trou has eight "discs," but on nearly every disc there is an untitled track, which results on only the first first untitled track from each artists appearing. The only way I have found to solve this is to put each disc in its own folder.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)
Last post by TF3RDL -
Is this plugin still in developpment or has it gone dodo? I have been using it for years and I'd be a shame not to have it in FB2.0
Yes, it would be nice if we can have it ported to foobar2000 2.00 and in 64bits too.
Probably not in terms of active development sadly, but at least we have alternatives like audioMotion-analyzer (idk is it possible to make visualizations on JScript/WSH/SMP panels), my sketch (on the web browser), and
ChromaDSP's CQTAnalyzer VST plugin (which needs VST adapter component by Peter Pawlowski) that you can substitute a Musical Spectrum component if you're in 64-bit version of foobar2000 (which I have)
General - (fb2k) / foobar preamp
Last post by boxerfan88 -
Need some advise about foobar preamp setting as shown in the image below.

May I know which of the following method foobar processes the gain?

  • Method 1
    • Apply track RG
    • then check for clipping, if clipping, reduce gain
    • then apply +3dB preamp gain
    • (this means that there is risk of clipping)
  • Method 2
    • Apply track RG and +3dB preamp gain
    • then check for clipping, if clipping, reduce gain
    • (this means that there is no risk of clipping)
  • Some other method...

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
CUETools / Re: CUETools DB
Last post by Subway26 -
Hello everybody!
I only discovered CUETools DB very recently, I know, I am a late bloomer on this :)
But the thing is, until today I could browse through the recent additions, and now of a sudden I am stuck at the first page and I can only see the last 10 additions. The arrows at the bottom are both greyed out. Is it me or is it an issue on the site? Thank you!
So is this ever gonna be fixed?

Yeah, would love to see this fixed, if poss.
CUETools / CUETools 2.2.4
Last post by korth -



CUETools 2.2.4 (2023-06-10)
  • CUERipper: Allow editing Metadata using F2
  • CUETools, CUERipper: Add setting to always write UTF-8 CUE sheet
            settings.txt: AlwaysWriteUTF8CUEFile
            CUETools GUI: CUETools - Advanced Settings - CUETools - General
            The setting is disabled by default, to preserve previous behavior
  • FFmpeg plugin: Update FFmpeg.AutoGen from to
  • FFmpeg plugin: Allow tta decoding using ffmpeg.dll
  • CUETools, CUERipper: Add setting for creating CUE file in Tracks Mode
            settings.txt: CreateCUEFileInTracksMode
            CUETools GUI: CUETools - Advanced Settings - CUETools - General
            The setting is enabled by default
  • libFLAC: Fix unable to retrieve metadata (32-bit)
  • libFLAC: Fix arithmetic overflow under 32-bit
  • APE: Fix exception when decoding very small files
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme
Last post by TT -
It's not possible, you can't have multiple cd/vinyl.png files for an album that has multiple CD's, only one cd/vinyl.png for one CD.
To be clear, CD 1 has cd/viny.png, CD 2 has cd/vinyl.png, CD 3 has cd/vinyl.png, but one CD can't have multiple ones.
That is why I have told you about using the disc art placeholder. Keep in mind, the placeholder is used only for general use
and also does not care about an album that has that has multiple CD's.

General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v2.1 bugs
Last post by nopeynope60 -
The latest version of foobar2000 (v2.X) doesn't obey High Contrast settings in WIndows 10. It appears to apply to all windows (main window, options, console, ect., ect.) within the program. The old (v1.X.X) versions prior to (v2.X) don't have this problem.

What's happening is that (v2.X) is using "dark mode" colors rather than the High Contrast colors.