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Hybrid mode alternative settings

Settings for hybrid lossless usage. Goal: economy and faster operations.

-b3x3c ~270k --portable medium
-b4x3c ~370k --portable HQ

Settings for lossy archiving (no wvc) . Goal: quality first, less economy and encoding speed. NO impact on decoding speed.

-b5x4  ~460k --normal HQ
-b6x4  ~540k --extreme
-b7x4  ~630k --insane

The -h switch may be added for slightly more compression / audio quality but at the expense of encode and decode time.
wavpack 4.8 -b3x6c

Re: Hybrid mode alternative settings

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Thanks for posting these shadowking (and of course for trying them all out with exhaustive listening!)

I generally use a higher -x mode just because I'm usually limited by ripping speed anyway, and of course there's no cost once the encoding is done. Obviously transcoding an entire library is a different thing.

Re: Hybrid mode alternative settings

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We can all agree that WavPack is a present from bryant to the world. There's *nothing* that compares. It is exquisite and unmatched in regards to quality/engineering/portability/etc.

Now, since we're sharing, let me share my own pursuit to the *ultimate* WavPack setting to end them all.

I've came to the conclusion that everything above -b4.35 is an overkill. Don't quote me on this, but I think even bryant uses -b4.35 personally (correct me if I'm wrong). You can feed -b4.35 to WavPack and it will do the right thing no matter the source, be it red book audio or higher, the ratio will stay the same.

Unlike shadowking, I won't separate settings into various use cases, this preset is meant to be singular, *the* one.

Without further ado, this is my personal gold master setting, where I delete any other source material and leave only the WavPack copy:

Code: [Select]
wavpack -b4.35hhx6mrv

I don't use portables, if I'm out and about I enjoy the nature and surroundings. A recap of the settings:


Around 384 kbps, usually quite a bit higher. The best thing, this scales along with source material and number of channels.


Best quality/size possible. Enough said. Hurts encoding/decoding time, but with today's hardware this is *not* a problem.


Again, the best possible quality improvement while not affecting decoding time.


Store md5 sum of the encode, generate a new RIFF wav header (discard any extra junk from existing header) and verify after encode.

If you asked me a few years back, there is no way I would use those settings. Today's CPUs are monsters, and using higher WavPack modes is a no brainer.

Encoding time is a non-issue, good things come to those who wait, as with everything in life.

From my extensive experimentation, there is no reason *not* to use highest `-x` and `-hh` settings.

While shadowking's settings are *excellent*, I can only shudder when I see `-b5`, `-b6` or `-b7`. Storage *is* cheap, but why waste it?
wavpack -b4.35hhx6mrv

Re: Hybrid mode alternative settings

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To expand a bit on this, I have a nice DAC and Genelec monitors (no sense in revealing exact models). *Never* did I regret using `-b4.35`, not to mention high `hh` and `x6` modes. According to me, I'm *done*. This is my gold master and bryant is a hero! Thanks so much, and thanks again!
wavpack -b4.35hhx6mrv

Re: Hybrid mode alternative settings

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Also shadowking, I see your signature is changing all the time.

Right now it's `wavpack 4.80 -b6.24x4`. Previously it was `-b6x4` and before that it was `-b5x4`... Seriously, do you think you hear a difference between those (high-end) settings? I though I have OCD but I digress...
wavpack -b4.35hhx6mrv

Re: Hybrid mode alternative settings

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Thanks for the kind words about WavPack; it's greatly appreciated and I'm glad it's working out for you!

Generally I agree with your settings. However I have been working on a project lately where I'm encoding real time on a Raspberry Pi 2, and so -hhx6 is definitely not viable (at least not on a single core) so I am using essentially -b4hx and have been quite happy with the results (I'm not quite as critical as I used to be).

On PCs though I tend to rip directly to lossless (using abcde) and then use the transcoding function to convert to my target settings, and I usually use -x6 then because I'm not pressed for time.

Re: Hybrid mode alternative settings

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Hello oro and David. I have taken into account the suggestions and arrived at 3 settings:

300k - b3.5hx4lc - hq portable
400k - b4.5hx4lc - hq normal
550k - b6.25hx4l - hq transcoding

The -hx4 setting is used instead of hhx6 as compression is nearly as good and onpar or better than -hh.
The first two settings are similar to 320..384 range and expected to be used with correction files.  The last setting was based around 500k , inflated by additional 50k for extra headroom.  This one is for those who wish to encode direct as lossless alternative without wvc files. Also for hi -res audio this scales into around 1100k and this is what David recommends for those sampling rates. -b4.5 or 400k can be used for an 'economy' approach if one can allow for (rare) audible deviations.
wavpack 4.8 -b3x6c

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