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trouble burning audio CD with LG BE16NU50

Greetings. I burned an audio CD with FLAC files using CDBurnerXP to Verbatim CD-R disc, with the LG BE16NU50 (see I noticed that the first 1/4 second or so is missing on each track, so that you don't hear the first note. Has anyone here had similar troubles? My old Pioneer DVD burner didn't have this issue.

Re: trouble burning audio CD with LG BE16NU50

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Audio CDs are supposed to have 2 seconds gap between tracks, that 1/4 second did probably end up in the gap - you don't hear it when you switch tracks, but if you would listen continuously it's probably there...

Re: trouble burning audio CD with LG BE16NU50

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I don't use CDBurnerXP or have a LG BE16NU50.
CDBurnerXP has a forum.
A quick google search found this old post with a similar issue and no replies:
Also there was an old thread in our forum that mentioned an older version of CDBurnerXP having issues with source files that didn't end on a sector (frame) boundary:


Re: trouble burning audio CD with LG BE16NU50

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Thanks for replies. I really suspect the design of the LG drive is at fault. CD-Audio burning technology has been around for the past twenty years, so there shouldn't be an issue. I solved the problem (sort of) using a different drive: an older Matshita DVD-RAM UJ8B0AW with K3b (Linux software). However, I didn't test with other software, so possibly I'm wrong about the drive.