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Development - (fb2k) / Re: foobar going 64bit?
Last post by Peter -
This was actually done as early as 2005 with 0.9 alpha series on Windows XP 64-bit but there were no interesting benefits beyond the potential ability to index larger libraries / load larger playlists - but the performance would still suck due to loading on startup and saving on shutdown.

The main problem with 64-bit build is that no existing component will work. Maintaining separate 64-bit and 32-bit builds of every single component would have created a huge mess, that's why I abandoned the idea.

There are other options for improving large media library search performance at cost of component compatibility, for an example replacing the ancient metadb design with a modern SQLite backend - which would solve slow search, slow startup, slow shutdown and large memory usage.

That said, every flavour of foobar2000 mobile does have a 64-bit compile available and even the experimental Mac version is 64-bit.
General Audio / Re: Removing Spaces or Gaps between Tracks
Last post by JabbaThePrawn -
You are likely editing and re-saving .MP3 or another lossy format. This involves opening, decoding, then re-encoding the lossy material to a new .MP3. Your "Wave Editor" also likely does not support encoding gapless MP3s, or decoding them, for that matter. So there may not be any gaps on your files to begin with, and your editor is adding them, and possibly destroying the gapless information already encoded into the original files.

Stop re-saving MP3 files, you can't really edit them without losing more information than just the gaps. Save to FLAC, or WavPack, or another lossless format, but try to start with a lossless file to begin with, rather than any MP3 files.
Couldn't boweasel use MP3DirectCut (freeware) to edit the beginning and end of his MP3s without decoding/recoding?
General - (fb2k) / Re: Two libraries?
Last post by BruceBanner -
Tbh sounds way to convoluted

It's actually rather simple. A GIF would explain it in a few seconds, comparatively. The playlist method is a lot more straightforward for the actual purpose though, absolutely.

The editing of the m3u file sounds like a better idea because the music is synced via Create Synchronicity so the structures are very similar.

What's a good way to then do a 'Find & Replace', just use Word and edit the m3u file that way?

Whatever text editor can find and replace all matches of some text and save it back as m3u. I personally use Sublime Text for this.

Just to say thanks for this, I successfully created a playlist and used notepad's 'Replace' feature and it worked a charm. Thanks once again.
Support - (fb2k) / How to "double click in explorer = add to current playlist + auto play" ?
Last post by Madma -
Hello everyone!
Do anyone knows how to achieve that? I've lost so much time trying to find a way but the best I got was:

A) double clicking on audio file adds it to the playlist (good) but the playlist keeps playing the previous file (bad)

B) double clicking on audio file adds it to the playlist and plays that file automatically (good), but each time I click on another file the playlist resets and shows only the last clicked file (bad)

How can I get the best from both? I need somehow a "Playlist history" and to immediately hear the file I just double clicked. Is this possible? I thought was something simple, since for example VLC or WMP do that by default.

Hope someone can help me.

Thank you so much for your time.


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