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Vinyl / Re: SweetVinyl SugarCube SC-1
Last post by The Irish Man -
Would not a Laser turntable do much the same thing?

remove pops and clicks from records in real-time.

& in the year 2018, why are there no cheap Laser turntables?

I remember them from the early 1980's, they were going to be one of the next big audio things.
But they were expensive (very) at the time.

General - (fb2k) / Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates
Last post by snxxfuzz -
Combination of Album gain and Track gain
as already discussed years ago here,98042.0.html

Given a Replay Gain tagged file, at playback time there's usually the choice between applying the album gain or the track gain. Both have their pros and cons but in general neither strategy seems to be perfect.

If we consider album gain as the "natural strategy" because it preserves the loudness difference between an album's individual tracks we may consider track gain as some kind of "deviation" from the "natural strategy" aiming to correct some flaws of the "natural strategy".

Viewed this way the question rises why there shouldn't be a measure allowing us to control the "deviation" in a smooth way from 0% (album gain) to 100% (track gain)? The latest version with the FFSoX Player plugin for WA implements the idea:

What do you think about it? Do you find it useful?

I think it's a good idea, thought I think there are too many choices.  25%, 50% and 75% should be adequate, 20% steps will definitely be adequate.

edit: minor spelling
General Audio / Re: Does anyone else sometimes get kind of pissed thinking about the loudness wars?
Last post by j7n -
I ignore most current popular music. Unless a specific title is brought to my attention, either in a technical discussion or because it is included in a movie or video game, I do not know it exists and don't have an opinion on it. So no, I haven't become angry, maybe disappointed a few times when a non-mainstream track by an old artist is crushed.
Generally I only care about how the music sounds to me, if it sounds good then I'm happy with it. For example, I was happy listening to the "Chandelier" by Sia before I started to notice there was kind of a buzzing noise in it, especially when it gets to the loud parts. [..] I doubt that the cause is the clipping of the source because I've not been able to reliably ABX a clipped music from the unclipped so I don't think clipping..
I listened to "Chandelier". At -12.81 dB RG, it is among the loudest tracks I have, and most definitely contains heavy clipping. The intentionally added buzzing effectively masks it, suggesting that it belongs to the compositon. A harsh noise like this along with clicky drums, obvious edit points ("it doesn't exi~i~ist") and obligatory pitch bends / autotune, creates a disconnect between the sound and the lyrics: a song about party and love feels like it is set in a sci-fi alien robot factory in space. And the next pop/rnb song on the playlist is the same. Clipping is clearly audible during the peaceful ending of Chandelier with fewer simultaneous sounds: " cos I'm juŝt holding õn for tonight, õn for toniîight, on for toniîight. "

I usually notice clipping as my problem: are my speakers too loud? is something rattling against the cabinet? For some time I've marked clipped albums or tracks with a tag. It is most noticeable while listening quietly at night and not focusing on it. If I turn the level up, and repeat a segment trying to localize the defect, I eventually can't hear it anymore. I was surprised that I couldn't hear clipping in "Kiss From a Rose" by Seal (DR7), one of the most beautiful ballads from the 90s, or new age piano music from Keiko Matsui ("Wildflower" and "Moyo"). It is calm music with wide stereo, where a single choped off peak usually comes through as a click.
General - (fb2k) / Re: [Request] View ReplayGain Track Gain True Peak Levels in Playlist as dB
Last post by darkflame23 -
It probably makes more sense for Foobar to provide a pair of new technical info %__fields% than to add generic floating point functions, which don't work in older versions and have the other arithmetic operations confusingly still limited to integers.

That would be my preferred way of dealing with it, perhaps something like %replaygain_track_peak_db% or something?
General - (fb2k) / Re: [Request] View ReplayGain Track Gain True Peak Levels in Playlist as dB
Last post by yetanotherid -
The peak level statistic isn't really related to loudness normalization, except in the name chosen in Vorbis/Ape. The player can derive the required format regardless how it is encoded in the particular format. Renaming the tags serves no purpose. I prefer that the original loudness normalization standard remains.

I wasn't suggesting the tags should be renamed, although I'm boldly assuming there's a method for saving R128 volume information to tags using fields that have nothing to do with ReplayGain. If so, why not do both?

foobar2000 can write SoundCheck tags. I don't know if they include a peak loudness value or if it'd be easier to convert to a True Peak LUFS value for fb2k to display, but Opus decided to do it differently and that's supported by fb2k too, so between ReplayGain, SoundCheck, Opus and R128, the concept of a "universal" volume system is looking a little messy.
ReplayGain is the only method not using loudness units as a way to express volume, but considering fb2k no longer uses the original ReplayGain scanning method and supports True Peak scanning, even if the format for saving ReplayGain tags remains unchained for eternity, I'm not sure why moving to loudness units in the GUI isn't a good idea.

In fact fb2k's advanced options for configuring SoundCheck tags allows the SoundCheck target volume to be adjusted to match the ReplayGain target volume, and both volumes are expressed as loudness units, no doubt because choosing between a target volume of -16LUFS and 89dB would meaningless to most mortals, which is pretty much the point I was trying to make.
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