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foobar DSD music server to foobar client

When you are normally defining  foobar 2000 for a standalone dsd player instance, you need to define an ASIO device which is associated with the DAC attached to your pc. What happens if you then want to define a foobar server which will be used to host  music that will be DSD streamed to the standalone player you started with. Based on that premise I have the following questions; there an ASIO device definition required on the server
in some documentation they mention to use a default device but I don't see that option on my system
2.if so, how do you define the ASIO output device since you don't need a DAC on the server side
3. are the DSD definitions the same on both server and client
3. why is there no browser view on  foobar 2000 v2 client if you are using the latest upnp component
4. is there any gain in migrating to v2