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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_dsp_vlevel
Last post by Squeller -
Hello everyone. What is the prime function of Vlevel and its optimal setting. Thank you in advance for your answers
Eg: You listen in a louder environment. Like in a car. Classical, orchestral music may have very quiet parts but also very loud ones. Rather a problem in a casual listening environment. You may be permanently fiddling the volume knob because sometimes you cannot hear anything, then later it is so loud, killing your ears. VLevel controls that for you in a reasonable way (i. e., not in a too nervously). Keeps levels up when it's quiet, takes volume down right before the big boom (Example: Mahler Sym. 6, ending of movement 4). Default settings are pretty good start.
Development - (fb2k) / Re: New SDK with foobar2000 v2.0 features released (2022-08-10)
Last post by marc2k3 -
I had to comment out line 104 of DarkMode.h though...

Code: [Select]
void SubclassDialog(HWND);

If present, it won't compile.

Code: [Select]
3>Z:\Git\foo_jscript_panel3\foobar2000-sdk\libPPUI\DarkMode.h(104,7): warning C4003: not enough arguments for function-like macro invocation 'SubclassDialog'
3>Z:\Git\foo_jscript_panel3\foobar2000-sdk\libPPUI\DarkMode.h(104,7): warning C4003: void SubclassDialog(HWND);
3>Z:\Git\foo_jscript_panel3\foobar2000-sdk\libPPUI\DarkMode.h(104,7): warning C4003:      ^
3>Z:\Git\foo_jscript_panel3\foobar2000-sdk\libPPUI\DarkMode.h(104,7): error C2059: syntax error: 'constant'
3>Z:\Git\foo_jscript_panel3\foobar2000-sdk\libPPUI\DarkMode.h(104,7): error C2059: void SubclassDialog(HWND);
3>Z:\Git\foo_jscript_panel3\foobar2000-sdk\libPPUI\DarkMode.h(104,7): error C2059:

I've isolated the cause of this. Including windowsx.h for the Columns UI SDK is the problem.
WavPack / Re: WavPack 5.5.0 Release Candidate
Last post by Porcus -
Concerning why put AIFF off until WavPack can import AIFF metadata:
WavPack does not universally have that capability with WAVE either. (E.g. here, Mp3tag sees a COMMENT tag in non-ID3 RIFF.)

So ... porcine ignorant question time again, but as far as WavPack cannot universally import WAVE RIFF metadata (that it stores perfectly) and WavPack cannot universally import metadata from DSD files (that it stores perfectly) - is there anything in particular about AIFF except getting the --import-id3 to work [which, anyway, it doesn't do for all ID3]?

... well there might be, of course, not related to metadata, but ...
And what's crazy is that in AIFF it's actually an 80-bit extended precision float!
... the choir demands 64-bit float "just in case" they would ever encounter such a file  ;D
MP3 / lame acts weird with some characters
Last post by waalw -
when i try to convert an mp3 with  characters like ë in it for example rëunie.mp3 lame makes an othr character of the ë. Is there a way to solve this?


General Audio / Re: Newb Question - is it better to conver Mod Files to FLAC or MP3?
Last post by bennetng -
I am also using foo_openmpt54, latest version:

You either have the transcode warning disabled permanently (see the screenshot in my previous post) or using an old version of foobar2000 without the transcode warning feature (in Preferences > Advanced). I just tried a fresh portable install of foobar2000 1.6.11 + free encoder pack + foo_openmpt54 and the same warning showed up when I encode to 24-bit flac. Transcode warnings are by default enabled, and I clearly remembered this because when the first time I got this warning, there was a spelling mistake in the warning dialog:
Screenshot of the spelling mistake:

Also, forcing the output to a specific bit-depth does not automatically mean the emulation is more accurate. Here is what I got from a real game console, notice the fading artifact (discontinuity and idle tone)  in the attached file:,114247.msg941114.html#msg941114

Then listen to the sound of this video:
Among other things like stereo width, as an owner of the real console, I am pretty sure the original hardware is not capable of smooth fading in this game without idle tone, so it must be an emulator recording.

Merely lowering the output bit-depth of an emulator may simply introduce other artifacts, but not the identical artifacts in the original hardware. Depending on the internal state of the emulator's engine, outputting to a higher bit-depth could actually be more accurate. Some arcade games enthusiasts even collect original PCBs and cabinets. Emulators simply can't fulfill their needs.