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General - (fb2k) / Re: is there a way to import apo equalizer /rew in foobar eq or graphic equalizer?
Last post by marc2k3 -
Probably not.

You can export from the default eq with 2 sliders at max/min values and open the file in Notepad. You can see it's formed like this...

Code: [Select]

So the value for each of the 18 bands must be between 20 (max) and -20 (min).

It seems highly unlikely any 3rd party eq is going to be compatible with that and the specific frequency of each band???
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by marc2k3 -
Not tested but I think if you want to revert to FontAwesome, you need to:

1) Copy this in your panel...

Code: [Select]
var fa_chars = {
up : '\uF077',
down : '\uF078',
left : '\uF060',
right : '\uF061',
close : '\uF00D',
rating_on : '\uF005',
rating_off : '\uF006',
heart_on : '\uF004',
heart_off : '\uF08A',
prev : '\uF049',
next : '\uF050',
play : '\uF04B',
pause : '\uF04C',
stop : '\uF04D',
preferences : '\uF013',
search : '\uF002',
console : '\uF120',
info : '\uF05A',
audioscrobbler : '\uF202',
minus : '\uF068',
music : '\uF001',
menu : '\uF0C9',
hourglass : '\uF254',
lock : '\uF023',
list : '\uF0C9',
volume : '\uF028',

2) Update each button definition with fa_chars.BLAH

3) After defining your buttons inside buttons.update...

Code: [Select]

4) Check the button size. 36x36 doesn't seem big enough.

FLAC / Re: FLAC RFC update
Last post by Porcus -
Clicking myself from that document up, I think I found pretty much the answer:
Codecs are specifically mentioned within the scope of the "Applications and Real-Time Area", which the CELLAR working group belongs to.
It doesn't exactly say who was responsible for wording the scope that way, but the Area Directors are the Internet Engineering Steering Group members.
And, the IESG itself is responsible for what drafts are going on the "Standards track" - thus apparently: for what works are "on-topic" for the "Standards" status.
General - (fb2k) / is there a way to import apo equalizer /rew in foobar eq or graphic equalizer?
Last post by francesco -

I have used rew and apo eq to calibrate it
A friend of mine , did show me how use rew and make the eq flat to have a perfect balance , and after his dac and amp do sound really great without too many bass or treble

apo eq does not work in wasapi ,and is there a way to export/ import such informations to calibrate foobar2000 via build in eq or even graphic equalizer (sadly no more updated and still in 32bit) ?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by ASopH -
Hi marc,
is there a simple solution to add additional text into the menu like
new _button(0, 0, 36, 36, { char : chars.edit + 'CUE', colour : colours.buttons } ..

This has not been working since changing the font to Segoe Fluent Icons ..
many thanks for your help  :)
FLAC / Re: FLAC RFC update
Last post by ktf -
where does the IETF's "scope of interest" in FLAC end? At files/streams (to be) served over the internet?
The IETF consists of working groups. Each working group has a charter which defines the scope. The charter of the CELLAR working group is here. As you can see, the charter is not related to the internet at all. I don't know how the working group came to be, because it was formed in 2015 and I only joined in 2021.
General - (fb2k) / Re: how uninstall correctly dsp component and logarithmic volume step?
Last post by francesco -
@Case    @sveakul

i like the foobar2000 volume ,but just a research and i got this and found here
about linear and logarithmic volume
A logarithmic control would require you to rotate the volume control significantly more. It isn't that you don't have as much power output capabilities. Rather, it is that the logarithmic control provides more finite, even incremental changes across the whole range of the volume control where as the linear control provides massive increases in output with minimal adjustment/movement of the volume control at the lower end and barely any change in output at the higher end of the volume control.