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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Discord Rich Presence Integration (foo_discord_rich)
Last post by SoSheolH -
set up the album art uploader with the plugin today through PowerShell 7/Catbox; working well, but for some reason this specific album - Viator, by Jack Stauber - just refuses to upload the album art and spits out 'status:259 and error:' every time

tried reducing the resolution since it was 3000x3000: no change
tried changing filetype from .jpg to .png: no change
clearing artwork does nothing, and manually uploading the progress bar doesn't move and it gives up after about 10s
no extra metadata in properties, however it did have some option related to windows security to unblock it due to it coming from another pc - tried this, no change
also tried replacing the file entirely with album art sourced from a different site: still refuses to upload

tried replacing the file with another image entirely, though, with the same name 'Viator', and it uploaded successfully
makes me think it's something about the cover itself that it's having trouble processing - colours? really have no idea

original version of the album art itself: X
and a link to a successful, manual Catbox upload of the same image:
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: TSAC: Very Low Bitrate Audio Compression
Last post by 2160p -
Please check input and output (compressed as FLAC, because it fits within the 30 MB of files per post limit for the forum). ABX them, and listen them carefully. Post the results when done!
Code: [Select]
foo_abx 2.2.1 report
foobar2000 v2.2 preview 2024-05-01
2024-05-06 17:12:22

File A: input.flac
SHA1: bd824f975ffb8eaa36eedef18a8fba79dc40eb39
File B: output_q5.flac
SHA1: 5b197642f52a03d74215a21597c93cc826a93b37

XAudio2 : Default Sound Device
Crossfading: NO

17:12:22 : Test started.
17:15:03 : Test restarted.
17:15:03 : 01/01
17:15:08 : Test restarted.
17:15:08 : 02/02
17:15:15 : Test restarted.
17:15:15 : 03/03
17:15:22 : Test restarted.
17:15:22 : 04/04
17:15:28 : Test restarted.
17:15:28 : 05/05
17:15:33 : Test restarted.
17:15:33 : 06/06
17:15:38 : Test restarted.
17:15:38 : 07/07
17:15:43 : Test restarted.
17:15:43 : 08/08
17:15:43 : Test finished.

Total: 8/8
p-value: 0.0039 (0.39%)

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During the first second the input sounds more metallic. The codec simplified the output. But I don't think this kind of thing is even meant to be transparent. Just a tech demo to squish things slowly into tiny space, modern day VQF.

Greetings, I have created a mix to illustrate the difference between input.flac and output_q5.flac.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Sample Rate and Bit Rate Details For Current File
Last post by Dryst -
Whoops -- I discovered an error in my script above and am pasting the corrected version below.  The $if condition was not working with the one above.  Additionally, I added BPM to the info:

Code: [Select]
[Artist:  %artist%]$crlf()
[Title:  %title%]$crlf()
Album:  [%album%][$crlf()
Year:  [%year%]$crlf()
Sample Rate:  [%samplerate%] Hz$crlf()
Bit Depth:  $if($len($info(bitspersample))>0,$info(bitspersample),16)-bit$crlf()
BPM:  %bpm%$

Also, closing the panel indeed loses this option.  However, closing fb2k entirely will preserve the option when you launch it again.  This may be a known issue.  I vaguely remember this from the past.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_quicksearch
Last post by marc2k3 -
Of course the first one doesn't work. There's no way in a billion years my component would prepend $stricmp/$strstr with Title HAS. That would be insane. Did you pull that out of your rectum? :/

FWIW, I tested with this as the title.

Code: [Select]
🤪 $argh([test])"o'h n,o%es""

See attachment...

edit: actual queries:

Code: [Select]
"$stricmp($replace(%title%,$char(34),),🤪 '$'argh'(''['test']'')'o''h n','o'%'es)" PRESENT

Code: [Select]
"$strstr($replace(%title%,$char(34),),🤪 '$'argh'(''['test']'')'o''h n','o'%'es)" PRESENT
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_quicksearch
Last post by josemescud -
That post above did remind me that I totally forgot about special chars used in title formatting. That means $%()[],' all need to be escaped in the search term. Back to the drawing board... :P

edit: my QSearch component has been updated

I have installed version 1.0.10 of qsearch and tested if it works in case the metadata contains double quotes.

Album IS option does work

Title HAS option does not work

%title% = Crazy "He Calls"

Title HAS "$strstr($replace(%title%,$char(34),),crazy he calls)" PRESENT -> DOES NOT WORK
                 I replaced the script with this one:
                "$stricmp($replace($replace(%title%,$char(34),),crazy he calls)" PRESENT -> YES IT WORKS

If you consider it appropriate I would appreciate if you update the component.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_text (Text Visualizer)
Last post by Eva1 -
Pqyt answer is it real to add in window "Text Visualizer" streaks/strips with: slider playback and slider volume, add fadness/boldness for fonts .artist, .track? And make window "Text Visualizer" with frame transparents?
Pqyt please don't ignore me, I'm bad at figuring things out in javascript. You don't like streaks/strips with: sliders in this plugin? P. Stuer this You? Once again, please don't ignore me.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_lnk
Last post by Eva1 -
*.lnk files exist with the purpose create shortcuts/labels on target files. Pqyt you can allow foo_lnk add multiple *.lnk files on a single target file in playlist? Us read 3905 times, so I'm typing the right requests. Case, pqyt, Foosion please help me improve/refine foo_lnk and don't reduce everything to a farce.
I'll have a go at it.
Pqyt You promised to help.