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Audio Hardware / Room correction (room equilization) questions
Last post by LazyBorzoi -
Hello everyone!
I'm trying to get my feet wet with the room acoustic correction. Hoping you guys can point me in the right direction.
First thing I did, I installed REW program and even though I didn't have a calibrated mic, I measured my room using a regular USB microphone (not calibrated).
The results are shown in the picture below:

1) Can someone help me understand what I see here?
2) Now, let's assume I get a calibrated mic and repeat the measurement and get a correction EQ curve. What do I feed this curve to in order to correct my room?

Thanks in advance!
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 DeskBand Controls
Last post by Mirage- -
Hi, just came to say, running the installation script on my windows 7 PC crashed explorer (the process that shows the desktop, not the browser). Had to ctrl+alt+canc to call up the task manager and restart it.
That being said, after that it seems to work fine.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: WSH Panel Mod script discussion/help
Last post by aphelion -
i'm trying to improve my copy of foobar (+ wsh panel mod) (JScript)
this is very important for me. several days were spent on this, some partial success was achieved
but this is the point where i ask you for the help

is it possible to get the following?:

1) selected tracks' total length (preferably with milliseconds) (preferably with minutes instead of hours+minutes)
examples: 3:50.760 or 11:39.413 or 72:03.695 or 0:00.000

2) total length of all tracks in the active playlist (preferably with milliseconds) (preferably with minutes instead of hours+minutes)
examples: 7:41.480 or 50:45.264 or 72:03.695 or 112:53.001 or 0:00.000

3) total quantity of tracks in the active playlist
examples: 1 or 15 or 3625 or 0
%_playlist_total% doesn't work

i don't have enough knowledge to create the 3 necessary separate scripts
there are some less important questions but i decided to focus on the main things at the moment
thank you for reading this. i will be grateful for the help
General - (fb2k) / Re: Where to disable the "remember expanded nodes" option
Last post by Aventine -
Thanks for answering. Well if the option isn't there anymore then I guess it was removed during the 1.4 release and was only available in the beta builds. I didn't notice the change because I switched to facets instead of the traditional Media Library on my main PC, only noticed that it wasn't there because I installed foobar 1.4.1 on my laptop.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by alec.tron -
sorry if it's been asked already but is anything planned regarding Discogs Tracks Feature?
What I'd love to have for instance is fetching genres / styles individually based on tracks.
Currently tracks aren't available via the API and track pages are pretty useless (they don't have genre/style info for example). However they will likely be added too foo_discogs if Discogs fully develops the feature.

In case you guys care about Discogs Tracks and the future thereof, I made a thread about an angle that I felt is missing from the main Tracks discussion, which is mostly about the basic writing credits at this point and most people comment on from a pop/rock/jazz angle, therefore favour certain problems most found in those very large musical areas to be solved first.
Whereas for me there's a huge fundamental/conceptual black box, as to how Compositions are linked & treated withing this future system that is developing over the next months/years, which is especially notice-able when it comes to re-interpretations [which is the core of all musical evolution & progression of genres imo] (i.e.motifs, homages, remixes, covers, mashups, etc pp ). In case you have thoughts about this and want to chime in, here's a thread:
Tracks Update - compositions & handling of remixes, covers & versions ?

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