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TT dynamic rate meter installation problem

Hello. I have a problem with installing TT meter from DR database. I installed newest version of fb2000 and downloaded the component file from here: When i go to preferences>coponents and click "install" I do not see the TT meter dll file in foobar's file browser (like the file  was not recognized as the foobar component) so i cannot choose it for installation. Does the newest version not support this component? Also - i did a portable instalation - can this be a cause?

Thanks in advance for any help

Re: TT dynamic rate meter installation problem

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No, it's nothing to do with having a portable Foobar.  That plugin shows up just fine here when I go to "Install".  Are you sure you're downloading the Foobar version ( and not the "offline" version (

Re: TT dynamic rate meter installation problem

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Just as an aside, LUFS Integrated is a far better and widely accepted measure of perceived loudness, and is already built in to FB2K. No need to use an abandoned, buggy component, just use this string instead:

$if(%replaygain_track_gain%,$puts(l,$sub(-1800,$replace(%replaygain_track_gain%,.,)))$div($get(l),100).$right($get(l),2) dB,)

Re: TT dynamic rate meter installation problem

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Hi I've been using

$if(%__replaygain_track_gain%,<$puts(temp,$num($sub($replace(%__replaygain_track_gain%,.,,+,),-19500),5))$ifgreater($get(temp),20000,<->,$puts(temp,$num($replace($sub($get(temp),20000),-,),5)))$num($substr($get(temp),2,3),1)<.$substr($get(temp),4,4)< lu)

any idea why they differ? also i noticed your values are in db and none of the three (your string, the above string and the DR rating seem to correlate

(the string is not mine, and I can't remember the thread it came from ATM)
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Re: TT dynamic rate meter installation problem

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The first string shows how far the loudness is from zero, and the second string shows how far it is from the reference of -23 dB. I posted the second because someone asked for it "in LU", and they didn't like it because of too much color. Change the first number to -21800 and it will be relative to zero.

Of course loudness is not the same as dynamic range because it does not get compared to the maximum level.

A "component" is the zipped package, not the DLL. Don't extract it. Or if you do, install it by copying the DLL file manually.

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