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Problem with.dsf playback

I have the foo_dsd_processor and foo_input_sacd components installed... correctly I believe. I ripped a number of tracks from a stereo only .ISO file using Iso2dsd.  No matter which output format options I chose the resulting files were always .dff not .dsf. Maybe this is normal. I wanted to be able to tag the files so I then used the dff2dsf converter from Signalyst. My dff files will play in FB2K with the output mode set to either DSD or PCM. However, my dsf files will only play if I set the output mode to PCM. If i set it to DSD it seems to go through the motion of playing it - bitrate shows and play time advances but no sound is produced.

The dff2dsf tool is so simple with no variables in play. The dsf files WILL play in PotPlayer.

Any thoughts about what I might have done wrong?

P.S. I have just realized that a couple of other albums which I have in dsf format will also now not play. These were converted years ago and used to play. I assume it must be something to do with my installation of the SACD components which I just did in the last day or so to replace the DSDIFF component... I just can't see what is wrong and don't know where to look to find out.

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