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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Text, Album Info, Picture.
Last post by lender1257 -
hello kgena_ua

something else i noticed:
whenever last-fm is accessed, the rest of the plugins are completely blocked for the duration of the access.
only the music continues to play.
column-ui (cursor-skip to current track), runtime display, vu-meters ... all are blocked.

i use smp 1.4.1 and your script from 2021/05
maybe you'll find some irregularities

General - (fb2k) / Re: components on macOS?
Last post by kode54 -
I think I should probably add this comment from a friend: "not possible" is different from "it would require a stable api between both and some work on the part of the component authors".

The latter is as possible as if Peter should decide he wants to implement something that component authors can use. If he ever becomes interested, he can look at my Cog bundle loader, which loads components in the form of .bundle s which contain a dynamic binary and its own extra dependencies.

Parity would still call for a dlopen and retrieving the common foobar2000 named symbol for exporting the service list and init function, same as Windows version components. However, from there, it diverges severely. For instance, developers would have to rewrite absolutely everything that deals with user interface, fork out anything that uses win32 api directly, etc. Configuration is a different system that I don't even know if it's exposed as a service framework that compiled in modules extend programmatically.

But yeah, it's "not possible" in the current state, and frame of mind. Making it extensible would require severe amounts of work on Peter's part to make a stable import API, and stable APIs to handle interfacing to the UI. And then it would require severe work on the part of any component developers who wish to adapt their components to this. And then either every developer will need to be a paying developer to sign their components, or foobar2000 will need to enable the entitlement that allows loading unsigned libraries. Probably not a far stretch anyway, since every developer will need to be a Mac owner, or pay for time with a Mac CI that can support Universal builds.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Mirror files from source to destination during sync (Foo One Way Sync)
Last post by McVicar -
From the name of the component (One Way Sync) I had presumed that two-way sync was beyond the capabilities of this component, but from the description of Delete unreferenced files: files not checked to copy on the next sync—but already present on the destination device—will be erased from the destination device it seems it is / should be possible. However, with this option checked, files deleted from the playlist I am using as the source remain on my mobile device.

So, what's the purpose of Delete unreferenced files. Is there any way to enable a two-way sync? Thanks.
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