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Support - (fb2k) / Re: NO benefits from using ASIO ?
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Note that event support is WHQL requirement. I don't think anyone releases drivers that aren't WHQL signed.

Is it?  I know that it is a WHQL requirement to report if the driver supports it or does not.  It's in the link I posted


This property value is populated by an audio OEM in an .inf file to indicate that the HDAudio hardware supports event driven mode as per the WHQL requirement.

Maybe you read into that that events are required.  My read is that it requires the driver to indicate if it supports events  -- or not.  The xonar dx driver does not indicate either - it's empty.

I can see some hardware not doing events.  For example, if you go way back to the Multisound (the original), or very first Soundblaster (waveform did not work in Win31).  Those did programmed I/O instead of using a buffer filled by DMA.  Using DMA you get hardware events as often as you like when the dma location reaches what positions you are interested in (typically at the middle and end).  Using programmed I/O you don't.  But programmed I/O in this day (well, since Windows 3.1) is too unlikely, but maybe the driver people didn't want to bother.  One could probably assume that events are going to happen and not do the API call to check.  Me, I'd rather check.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion
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Hi there!
@WilB, thanks for your cool script!
I noticed some differences in design between the JSP and SMP versions:
1. font color (see cursor.jpg)
2. align the highlighted text vertically (see word "Affection" at cursor.jpg)
3. horizontal line color (see line.jpg)
please check it, is this how it should be? or need to lead to uniformity.

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