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AAC (FDK) profiles in foobar2000

Hello there!

Long time no activity around here...

For some time now I've been using AAC as the default codec for portable usage (128GB OnePlus 5) and I've been quite happy with it. Because I didn't want to mess with Winamp or iTunes (or any method of extracting the needed files from their installers) I've always used AAC (FDK) encoder included with foobar2000.

The other day I thought of bumping the encoding quality a little (since a slight size increase would not be a problem) and decided to re-encode my library with the VBR 5 (instead of VBR 4). Halfway through the encoding process I checked the results and the size increase is quite big. By sampling 6 albums (89 tracks) VBR 5 is about 1.78 times bigger than VBR 4. (131 kbps vs 233 kbps average bitrate).

So my question comes...

Is there a way to encode with some profile between VBR 4 and VBR 5?

I have to mention that I tried tweaking the settings from foobar2000 and looked at fdkaac.exe's parameters without figuring out anything useful... VBR 4.5 results in VBR 4


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