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General Audio / Re: Bluetooth Audio AAC codec quesitons
Last post by andy o -
Also, don't these modern devices all need mixers? If you can hear a sound like a notification while music is playing, it's likely not passing through.

Android has supported LDAC and aptX(HD) natively since Oreo, btw, though not the aptX low-latency version.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by zoomorph -
* Ignore/skip releases which 404 when updating tags.
* Wait longer with each successive http 429.
* Fix a problem with arrays only getting depth 1 when they should have depth 2, causing certain tagging strings not to work as they should.
* Fix wrongly parsing single track mix releases which use "1.x" for every track position.
* Skip "(silence)" when parsing hidden tracks, but add the duration of silence to the track duration.
* Add the duration of hidden tracks to the track duration. This is returned by DISCOGS_DURATION_SECONDS and used in matching tracks to files by duration.
Listening Tests / Re: is it even possible to hear "Phase distortion"?
Last post by includemeout -
They say so over here:

Given the data provided by the above cited references we can conclude that phase distortion is indeed audible, though generally speaking, only very subtly so and only under certain specific test conditions and perception circumstances.
Impressive as the paper(?) looks like, I'm not sure about how qualified they are to draw that conclusion.
Validated News / Forums email restored, hopefully for now
Last post by kode54 -
I had to reset something with SELinux that was preventing the forums from invoking the sendmail process, which randomly popped up on a software upgrade. I officially hate SELinux even more than when I had to set up the exemptions just to get the forum script working in the first place.

If this happens again, I am outright disabling SELinux. Piece of crap.
Listening Tests / Re: is it even possible to hear "Phase distortion"?
Last post by Phanton_13 -
Also there is the possibility of bad caps (old electrolytic ones that dried as example) in the filters chain doing weird things with the signal. Transistor, ICs, diodes and resistors can also go bad and affect signal but its much less frequent at least in the audible range of frequencies.
Listening Tests / Re: is it even possible to hear "Phase distortion"?
Last post by jmvalin -
I came across a dude who thinks he can hear phase distortions made by an equalizer. Putting aside differences in loudness of different frequencies, this means he should be able to hear differences made by an all-pass filter. I doubt he will prove it even if he could. But I am pretty sure this difference is impossible to hear if tested correctly (so, for example, signal after filtering doesn't clip, etc).
I tried to search the web a bit and could not find if anyone succeeded in detecting an all-pass filter by ear in a blind ABX test.
Should I immediately dismiss this dude as yet another placebo troll, or he might actually have golden ears?
I don't know about any particular EQ, but it's definitely possibly to hear phase distortion if it's sufficiently large. Taking an extreme example, imagine a system that has zero phase from 0 to 2 kHz, followed by a steep slope after that. It would basically mean that the HF get delayed compared to the LF. If you make that delay large enough (e.g. 100 ms), you're definitely going to hear it. I'm not sure where that threshold is. Similarly, if you have a stereo signal and you have different phase distortion to the two channels in the LF, then again you're going to hear it as a spatial shift in the stereo image. The sensitivity to phase depends a lot on the signal. If your signal is just two constant tones, then I don't think you can hear anything at all. OTOH, if your signal is made of clear/narrow impulses, then you want good phase response to avoid temporal smearing. It's all about whether the phase distortion changes the temporal shape of the signal.
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