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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Only Windows Media Player can RIP CDs: "Could not access any of found CD drive"
Last post by redtownsend -
"Native Win32" interface is the selected and the only one available.  The other two are grey and not select-able.

EAC does not throw the "could not access CD drive" error and rips the CD (except for disk read errors)

Not using using Remote Desktop (RDP).

Don't know yet is installing EAC fixed the problem.  Will reboot and test and post result here. 
General Audio / Re: Strange frequency spike near 18kHz in song
Last post by magicgoose -
without 3d image (which would have also time dimension; so called spectrogram) it's hard to tell.
but tonal noises starting from ~15 kHz and above are a pretty common kind of recording defects.
this is somehow a thing even now, when CRT are almost extinct. perhaps it's enough to have a CRT nearby even if not directly visible
General - (fb2k) / Re: File Renaming On Conversion
Last post by Fletchesus -
Got it - knew you were just pulling my leg. Here is where I have ended up for now:

Source: $caps($replace(%album artist%,'(','[',')',']') - $replace(%artist%,'(','[',')',']') - $replace(%album%,'(','[',')',']')/%tracknumber% $replace(%title%,'(','[',')',']')%)

Pattern: $caps(%album artist% - %artist% - %album%/%tracknumber% %title%)

This is applied prior to conversion using Foobar to upload titles into a Control4/Sonos system.

Expect there is duplication in there. Again, cannot tell you all how much I appreciate being able to seek input from those who know what they are doing. Tx
General - (fb2k) / Re: Quick Question about "Rescan on startup" & "Monitor for changes while running"
Last post by im_special -
Okay last question (but no promises). How does "Refresh All" play into all of this;

Is that like a mini "Rescan on startup" but only for a single album or whatever song is highlighted, will that update the index/database? Because I think most people can just do a right click > Refresh All, for newly added albums, then just keep the other options checked off.
Audio Hardware / Re: Active setup help and recommendations
Last post by DVDdoug -
I've never used the miniDSP but can't you adjust/balance the levels with it???   Volume adjustment is about the "easiest" digital signal processing you can do!

Typically the preamp/line output goes to  the crossover.   The (line-level) crossover outputs go to the power amplifiers.   The crossover should have separate level controls for each band and most power amplifiers have level controls too.

You can buy active crossovers starting at around $100 USD and they always have separate level controls for each output.    (That won't help with any other room/speaker EQ.)

You can also buy fixed or variable in-line attenuators.    (Variable stereo pots/attenuators may not track left & right identically, so that's something to be aware of.)

Note that I'm working a lot on my room treatment so, EQ will be minimal.
I hope you're measuring your room?    ….Diagnosis before treatment!     But, you need to measure your room & speakers together so you can't finish the room treatment before the speakers are done.

Horn loaded compression driver : TAD TD-4002, 110db/w
Woofer : TAD TL-1603, 97db/W
I assume you'll be making some measurements (with a horn attached and the woofer in a cabinet)?

The Internet says the compression driver is 16 Ohms,.  If that's true that means half the power compared to 8 Ohms (-3dB).    (With the same amplifier & settings).     Do you have the gain (or sensitivity) specs for both amps?   

If the woofer amp has enough gain everything may be OK.

If your speakers have an existing passive crossover, maybe you can figure-out the (existing) high-frequency attenuation.   There should be a voltage divider (AKA a "pad"), or a potentiometer or a series resistor.  

If there's a potentiometer it's probably audio-taper (non-liner) and you'd need a multimeter to measure the resistance ratio where you like it.

General - (fb2k) / Re: File Renaming On Conversion
Last post by Fletchesus -
What, you think foobar is tricking you? ;)

Yes, using metadata field names anywhere in foobar will always show up as such (although now you are replacing the brackets so they will not match exactly). Except for characters that cannot be used in filenames, like a '?' that gets renamed to a '-' instead.

Another way you could test the tracks is with a right-click > File Operations > Rename, and using the same converter string. It should have nothing to do if everything matches.

Thanks again. I have a feeling I'm not finished asking idiotic questions here. Thanks for the patience.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Linux Port
Last post by paregistrase -
report with useful info.
Does it imply that you wrote 4 posts filled with useless info?

Maybe was useless for you but I have enjoy his explanation.

huge amount of work required
+ Market share: ( )
Windows: 81.8 %
Linux: 1.61 %

I'm sure it will be excellently received in the linux community.
A closed-source program? Not so sure.

Do you  consider that useful.....

If you aren't interested in the subjet is not necessary tring to start the typical flame war.

A little bit of respect
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