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Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP

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Thank you so much! Ticking the playlists option fixed it :D
I also second the request to turn party shuffle off. Mainly because i like to keep my WMP library empty, but that causes an error (party shuffle playlist cannot be created...) to pop up every time i run WMP.

Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP

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Do you mean that you're applying some specific tricks to keep your library empty? If so, which ones?

Could you also provide the full text of that error message, so I can take a look? Note that you can press Ctrl+C while the error dialog is in focus to copy its contents.

Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP

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I go to File -> Manage libraries -> Music, and make sure the locations included don't have any music files (by default, Users\%USERNAME%\Music is included, and i don't keep any files there, so no problem with that).
I also go to Options, then under Player i untick the option "Add local media files to library when played".
This keeps my library empty.
Now i went to the device that was showing the error (it's a new laptop) and opened WMP (first time in over a week). I found 2 songs in my library. Turns out i hadn't unticked that option, so i must've played the 2 songs and that's why they were added to the library. I deleted them from the library, deleted the party shuffle playlist, and basically reset everything. Now when i open wmp, i don't get that error anymore (that said something like party shuffle playlist cannot be created). Instead, an empty party shuffle playlist gets created. I have no clue how this happened! If i ever manage to reproduce the error, i'll post back here.

Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP

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Have a weird problem after upgrading to win10: after installing wmpp 2.10 and playing a file on wmp, then closing wmp, the plugin disappears. I need to reinstall wmpp after every use of wmp

Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP

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When the plug-in doesn't appear then that probably means that you're running the 64-bit version of WMP's executable file (wmplayer.exe), because the plug-in only supports the 32-bit version.

You should be able to resolve this by making sure that you're running C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe (and *not* wmplayer.exe in C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player, which is 64-bit).

Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP

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Im running the 32bit version. An observation after some fiddling around: i had a shortcut to close media player via the closeProcess system command. That's equivalent to going in task manager and force closing wmp
Turns out in win10 if that happens all Plugins are uninstalled

Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP

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Sorry to pester you, but is there a way I can make Hotkeys only work when Windows Media Player is in focus. I wanted to use space bar to Play/Pause, but now it'll do it even if I'm just trying to listen to something whilst I'm in another program. Thanks for your time. (Made account to write this.)

Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP

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Then I assume that you added the space bar as a global (system-wide) hotkey in the plug-in's settings? That's indeed not such a good idea :) Instead of adding it on the Global Hotkeys tab in settings, go to the Local Hotkeys tab and tick the checkbox there to use the space bar to play/pause while WMP is in focus.

Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP

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I have installed the enhanced version of WMP - however what I would like to do is to run wmp from a VB6 program,  thereby playing a song, then at the end of the song, I want to automatically close wmp and return to the VB6 program.    At present I am running wmp as the default player as below

Retval = ShellExecute(hwnd, "open", PlayFile, "", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL)

This  plays the song but does not close wmp.   I guess what I need to know is - how to run wmp using the app's exe file , playing the song and then closing wmp down - what are the switches that I need to use in order to do this ?    Indeed is this possible, I can see how to close after the song by a manual intervention, but I may as well just click to close wmp at the end anyway !

Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP

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The Windows Media Player Plus! plug-in doesn't provide that functionality, sorry.

Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP

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Announcement: the first beta version of Windows Media Player Plus! 3.0 is now available for download here.

This is an early beta that is still a bit rough around the edges and that doesn't even contain all changes yet that are planned for the final 3.0 release. Also, as this is a beta version, it's possible that it still contains some bugs. Please let me know if you encounter any problems, so I can fix them for the final release. Thanks!


  • New: Windows Media Player Plus! Taskbar Miniplayer, which is an improved version of the taskbar-integrated Miniplayer that was included in Windows Media Player but has been removed since Windows 7. Compared to the original version, the new Miniplayer contains these fixes and enhancements:
    • Better compatibility with Windows 10 and with Windows Media Player's Now Playing mode. Note: the Miniplayer doesn't support Windows 11's newly designed taskbar because Microsoft has dropped support for taskbar toolbars. However, third-party tools like ExplorerPatcher (free and open source) and StartAllBack (shareware) can bring back the Windows 10 taskbar on Windows 11, allowing you to use the Miniplayer there as well.
    • New settings that can be turned on or off: Only show the Miniplayer while Windows Media Player is minimized and Hide Windows Media Player's regular taskbar button while minimized to the Miniplayer. The Miniplayer's toast popup can also be enabled/disabled, and the amount of time it should stay visible can be configured.
    • Just like in Windows Media Player itself, right-clicking on the Miniplayer's play/previous/next button shows a popup menu with more options, including the Stop after current and Close after current extensions added by Windows Media Player Plus!.
  • New: Jump to submenu when right-clicking on a song, to quickly jump to the song's album, artist, genre or release year in the media library.
  • New: Since Windows Media Player's built-in Find in library command only works for songs with an album title, Windows Media Player Plus! by default now replaces this command to make it work for all songs. This can still be disabled again in settings if desired.

Tag Editor Plus

  • The Tag Editor Plus code has been completely rewritten in a more modular way, which should make it easier to implement future enhancements, as well as add new features based on the same generic tag reading/writing engine.
  • New: buttons to quickly switch to the previous or next song in the underlying Windows Media Player song list, without having to close and reopen the tag editor.
  • New: Notes page for displaying info/warning/error messages about the current song(s). When there are warnings or errors, this is indicated by a corresponding icon in the page header. When the song file is currently in use, this page also shows a generic warning (for all tags, i.e. not just for pictures/lyrics/comments). Note that the tag editor only shows the Notes page when there are messages to be displayed.
  • Fixed: when simultaneously removing embedded metadata of two or more metadata types (pictures/lyrics/comments), it was possible that some of the removed metadata didn't get actually removed, or that removal failed with "The request is invalid in the current state" (C00D002B).
  • Fixed: removed pictures/lyrics/comments could still cause bogus errors when trying to apply the tag changes, for example "Tag Editor Plus can't continue because there are two or more comments with the same language".
  • Fixed: some message dialogs didn't correctly remember their size, especially on high DPI displays.
  • Fixed: in batch editing mode on high DPI displays, a part of the tags' check boxes was cut off.
  • Previously, the tag editor always hid the Pictures, Lyrics and Comments pages when embedded metadata wasn't supported. Now, when the WMP Tag Plus plug-in is not installed or is disabled, the tag editor still shows these pages but with an additional message explaining why embedded metadata isn't supported. Of course, this only occurs for formats supported by WMP Tag Plus. The tag editor will also show a warning when WMP Tag Plus is enabled, but the song's specific format is disabled in WMP Tag Plus.
  • Now showing a warning if Write media information changes in Windows Media Player's Library options is turned off, and offering you to turn it back on. Note that when choosing to turn the setting back on, Windows Media Player needs to restart for the change to take effect. This warning can be disabled by the user (although currently only by editing the registry, but the final release will allow to disable the warning through the settings dialog).


  • The user interface of the Context Menus page has been reworked.
  • Fixed: bogus "Please enter..." warning and subsequent "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error message when a setting's text field was unavailable (disabled) and empty.
  • Fixed: non-responding user interface when using a laptop pointing stick or touchpad to scroll the credits on the About page.
  • Fixed: missing validation for the number of seconds to rewind when restoring media at Windows Media Player startup.
  • Fixed: memory leak when removing a global hotkey.
  • Fixed: on high DPI displays, the settings dialog appeared oversized when being opened from Windows Media Player's Options dialog.


  • The plug-in now adds a Plus! menu item to Windows Media Player's main menu (shown when right-clicking in an empty area in Windows Media Player or when pressing Ctrl+M).
  • Added General: Restart Windows Media Player as a possible global hotkey action.
  • Fixed: possible long delays when starting Party Shuffle, especially when an external application was connected to Windows Media Player, such as the Taskbar Miniplayer.
  • Fixed: Stop after current and Close after current weren't being cleared again when starting a different media item.
  • Additional fixed and improved appearance on high DPI displays (still work in progress).