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General - (fb2k) / Re: Feature request: $regexp function
Last post by stevehero -
Meant to add, I just was lazy and copied that from the mp3tag help files.

The 4th optional parameter is not really required because.
(?i) is the switch in regular expression for turn off case-sensitive
(?-i) is the switch in regular expression for turn on case-sensitive

This is better because you can turn it off/on inside your regular expression.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Feature request: $regexp function
Last post by MordredKLB -
This would be such a great addition.
I can only comment this from a technological manufacturing perspective: it's difficult to tune for lower and higher speeds.

In fact most CD recorders are tuned for higher speeds, and the low speed functionality is kinda "slapped on" to meet consumer requirements of "lower is better" while in fact in practice, this is usually the opposite.

Why that Rega player would hint at "slower is better" makes no sense, and the burn quality vs. burn speed is entirely up to the recording hardware. Unless Rega keeps a list of manufacturers and "best burn speed" and other coefficients and variables for each of those, that information is really mostly just audiophoolery. The later Samsung 48X recorders were famous for having their best recording results at 48x-speeds and degraded below that. The BLER (Block error rate) got higher when recording at lower speeds).
I know this sounds counter intuitive, but if you research the entirety of the 00's decade you'd usually find results like that.

Usually recorders (and this is true for all contemporary optical media recorders, CD, DVD, BD, and for all I know probably HD-DVD, too) have one optimized recording speed, and the manual will usually state that. They used to market them as "32x, 48x, 52x" sometimes to sound more dramatic, I'd presume. To get best results, you'd simply want to record at that speed, and that's it. Computer journals and magazines used to do test and reviews of these recorders, some of them published BLER vs. recording speed. Not sure if they still do it, I haven't touched optical recording for at least 10 years.

As I understand it, it is often quite impossible for mid-ranged CD recorders to even achieve speeds lower than 8x when they're manufactured for 48x speeds, it's usually down to it being a physical hardware issue, of the motors not being able to spin smoothly at such low speeds, as well as achieve decent angular velocity synchronity. For playback, the CDs are read at higher speeds and buffered.

To be fair, I'd almost want a CD player, that rips the CD EAC-style into a buffer at high speed and then plays from memory. Just put 1GB of fast RAM into one of them, and there you go.

Also, Rega doesn't mess around:, tubes, red dot-matrix LED displays, it ticks all the boxes of 70's Hi-Fi style. That's one serious CD-player if I've ever seen one. Also, this:
General - (fb2k) / Feature request: $regexp function
Last post by stevehero -
Haven't seen any requests for, so:


Replaces the pattern specified by the regular expression expr in the string x by replace.

The fourth optional parameter enables ignore case (1) or disables the ignore case setting (0). Please note that you have to escape comma and other special characters in expr.
Thanks enzo!
It looks like faac is missing two key AAC features: intensity stereo and perceptual noise substitution, it will be interesting to hear how it performs after implementing these.
General Audio / 352.8/384khz playback with ASIO on Foobar
Last post by tejas1502 -
Hello All,

I am trying to perform 32bit 352.8/384khz playback through ASIO using foobar. Every time I start the audio clip which is also of 32bit 384khz, I get an error "Unrecoverable playback error: Could not create ASIO buffers" .

I tried googling this issue and the answer I found was to uninstall and reinstall the drivers, but that didn't help.

Can someone please help? It is urgent.

Is there a reason you are on such an old version? I can confirm that latest WASAPI component doesn't load with it.
I need to figure out something concerning the beeps when EAC finishes a rip.
When I have the setting: EAC Options - Tools - On extraction, start external compressor queued in the background, (with even a numer 1 set) ENABLED, it seems that it finishes with ONE beep, followed by a TWO short beeps.
When I have this disabled, I only hear ONE beep in the final.

Because of some WAV files left behind in some rips, I have disabled that setting.

Is this behaviour related to this setting!? Or is it something new in EAC?
My version is EAC 1.3  2nd sep 2016.
I use CUETools DB Plugin.
forget it ... I just looked into the specs for your LG drive
CD-R : 16x, 32x, 40x, 48x
So it simply cannot burn below 16x...

I use the LG BH16NS40 and that can burn CD-Rs @ 8x.

I know, that's what's so f***ing annoying.  Does it not say here:   
4x, 8x for CD-R?

As for the CD player, I think it's well known that the more expensive a CD player is it probably makes it less stable at playing dodgy disks.
Not arguing this is justified, but it's what i've heard.  Eg, CD walkman's are better, because they're designed for the bumps of course as well.
This Rega is for sure not a cheap one but if it has problems reading media a 30$ DVD player has not i just wonder.
Doesn't make me wonder at all anymore ... besides that "burned-too-fast-issue", my Marantz CD-67 always had problems reading the start of track #1 of my original Delicate Sound of Thunder Disc 1, but my cheapo DVD player read it just fine.

Obviously, those "higher end" components have way better DA circuits, but since I've hooked it all up digitally, I couldn't care less.
Nowadays, I use my ~50 Euro LG BluRay player for playing back all optical medias and never had a single hickup.