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Low playback volume on ver. 1.6.9

I thought this was fixed a few versions back, but I just updated and still have the problem of low volume on playback. Resetting Windows' Foobar2000 mixer fader doesn't help. Replay Gain is off.

What am I missing?




Re: Low playback volume on ver. 1.6.9

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On my system (Windows 11) I probably have the same (or a similar) problem:
WASAPI (exclusive) (built in) plays tracks on a much lower volume than ASIO. Also when I play tracks via the external WASAPI plugin (event) this is much louder than the built in one.
I did not notice this in earlier FB2K versions. Replay Gain is off in my case too. The volume slider in Foobar2000 is always set to 100. The Windows volume control is also always set to 100.
My audio device is an external Topping DAC via USB.