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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: WSH Panel Mod script discussion/help
Last post by michtar -
michtar, thank you for trying to help
sadly but i haven't found anything useful in that older 'status bar.txt':

- %playback_time%, %length%, %__bitrate%, %codec%, %codec_profile%, %__tool%, %__tagtype%
- the 'colors' stuff, the 'volume' stuff
- function on_paint, functions on_mouse...

thout constant contemplating of almost empty and useless and ugly status bar)
I tested it and the old WSH sample works almost the same way as foo_jscript_panel one. It shows total length of the tracks in the playlist.

You can check it for yourself:
- install newer foobar version
- install wsh_panel_mod
- copy content of the .zip from the link I posted into wsh_marc2003 directory in foobar's config directory
- if I were to guess  :) which part is responsible for the feature you seek it would be somewhere here:
Code: [Select]
function refresh() {
var items = plman.GetPlaylistItems(plman.ActivePlaylist);
count = items.Count;
var size = 0;
var length = 0;
for (var i = 0; i < count; i++) {
size += _.parseInt("$if2(%filesize%,0)", items.item(i)));
length += Math.max(items.item(i).Length, 0);
right_text = count + (count == 1 ? " track :: " : " tracks :: ") +

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Peter -
OK, I found the "issue" with the "/", and it seems "independent of" External Tags: If I force MP3 files into ID3v2.3, it seems that Tom / Dick / Harry becomes a multivalue field. So if fb2k
- has Tom / Dick / Harry
- creates External Tags out of that
- commits to files
it does sometimes happen that it comes out as multivalue and reads Tom; Dick; Harry.

But, I provoked the same to happen by "Rewrite file tags" without invoking External Tags. @Peter , is this expected behaviour?

Test version with a new context command for finding tracks edited since external tagging. If it finds such tracks it will create a new playlist and place the findings there.

All testing for this post done with that. Seems to work.

ID3v2.3 specification says that multi value fields are to be delimited with forward slashes. Real support for multi value fields was introduced with 2.4.
foobar2000 slightly bends the spec by delimiting the multi value fields with " / " (with the spaces), so actual artist names with slashes do not become multiple artists.
Listening Tests / Re: is it even possible to hear "Phase distortion"?
Last post by ajinfla -
Impressive as the paper(?) looks like, I'm not sure about how qualified they are to draw that conclusion.
The article lists several papers which all present evidence, upon which that "conclusion" is derived. The "qualification" of the author is not relevant here, the evidence is. If "qualifications" matter, then note that Dr Floyd Toole agrees with the author. If/when audible, often subtle, preferences vary.
The OPs story is not based on any evidence, unless someone on the internet purportedly fooling about with an EQ qualifies.



Listening Tests / Re: is it even possible to hear "Phase distortion"?
Last post by magicgoose -
Well it's clear that it would be hearable if max delay difference is as big as 100 ms, but I think they talked about "regular" equalizers, so the delay of certain bands will be less than 5 ms or something like that.
They claim they can hear "any" phase distortion, and this is not possible AFAIK, but I'm not 100% sure.
General Audio / Re: Bluetooth Audio AAC codec quesitons
Last post by andy o -
Also, don't these modern devices all need mixers? If you can hear a sound like a notification while music is playing, it's likely not passing through.

Android has supported LDAC and aptX(HD) natively since Oreo, btw, though not the aptX low-latency version.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by zoomorph -
* Ignore/skip releases which 404 when updating tags.
* Wait longer with each successive http 429.
* Fix a problem with arrays only getting depth 1 when they should have depth 2, causing certain tagging strings not to work as they should.
* Fix wrongly parsing single track mix releases which use "1.x" for every track position.
* Skip "(silence)" when parsing hidden tracks, but add the duration of silence to the track duration.
* Add the duration of hidden tracks to the track duration. This is returned by DISCOGS_DURATION_SECONDS and used in matching tracks to files by duration.
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