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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by arch21 -
I'm trying to play some videos offline and looks like it always use software decoding. LAV Filters set to managed. Is there a way to enable hardware decoding? Regards :)
Scientific Discussion / Re: Help me understand why sound is one dimensional
Last post by pelmazo -
However, to be intellectually honest -- that information that the human brain can synthesize, the ability to use the shape/structure of the ears' environment and the hard-core physics of the environment -- that is GREATER than just the two sensors.  That is why more information can be gleaned.

Right. You could put it this way: There are a lot of assumptions built into human hearing. Some of them are learned, others are "wired in". This is a reason why hearing can be fooled and occasionally produces wrong impressions.

Stereo only works because of this. A phantom source isn't anything physical. There is no phantom source in the sound field. It is the post-processing of the signal from our two sensors (ears), which creates (the impression of) the phantom source.

You could say that with stereo, human hearing gets it consistently wrong. Stereo is a way of using a specific deficiency of human hearing to fool it into hearing a 3D sound field that isn't there. We all know that this illusion breaks down easily (sweet spot etc.).
Polls / Re: Where do you get your music from?
Last post by Porcus -
Since the thread is resurrected, a warning about Bandcamp, who has become just another industry shark who will rip off their customers and hide behind anti-piracy provisions.

Your music - and thus your purchased right to stream and redownload - can disappear without notice. Not only when Bandcamp feels like it - also if the artist carelessly takes the album offline temporarily (for example to reupload a revision, it seems).
According to Bandcamp's TOS, they will keep the artists' promise of unlimited streaming and redownloads, but Bandcamp simply refuses to do so. (Yes they reserve the right to pull the plug on piracy, and they referred me to that provision - but it is obviously not the case for an album that was available at the time, having been re-upped by the label. For a second one, I retrieved written confirmation from the artist that there had never been any dispute over the right to distribute, so Bandcamp is just lying wholesale.)
Polls / Re: How do you listen to music? Speakers, headphones, which types, etc.
Last post by ThaCrip -
It depends....

At home = Speakers (i.e. Klipsch Pro-Media (for the PC))
On the go = Headphones (i.e. Sony MDR-NC7)

that's pretty much it that I use on a semi-regular basis and have for many years now as I had those headphones since very late 2009 or early 2010 and those Klipsch speakers I have had since about 2003 or so. if those Klipsch speakers ever die ill probably eventually re-buy them as they currently sell for $150 on Amazon. those are the overall best speakers I got and I feel they would be difficult to top especially for the price range.

NOTE: the Klipsch speakers I have are actually a 4.1 setup but I am pretty much using the same setup as the 2.1 for $150 on Amazon for years now as I have not used the 4.1 setup in many years.

but from the looks of things on Amazon, it appears your cheap-ish pair of headphones (say about $30 tops) is about as good as your going to get for headphones unless you start spending hundreds of dollars on them which is simply too much $$$ for me as I can't see a pair of $200-300 or so range headphones being a significant enough of a difference to justify the extreme cost difference vs your $30 range headphones. basically it's pretty much about bang-for-the-buck. like it would be hard for me to justify spending a boatload of $$$ on headphones unless your REALLY into music or you got some sort of job tied to it etc. who knows, maybe there is a bigger difference than I think there is from your typical $30 range headphones to your $200-300 range. but even if there is, I can't see myself liking them enough to actually go out and shell out $200-300 as I could maybe see $50-100 but that's about the high end for headphones in my mind.

p.s. I don't like ear-buds that physically sit inside of your ear.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: %CONTENT GROUP% mapping error
Last post by Scaramouche -
In fact, I labelled my "GROUPING" field "Work", but thougt that "GROUPING" was the correct metadata name... - just decided to move all GROUPING entries to new field "WORK" - hoping no one will ever have the idea of remapping this field, too. So I'm off the GROUPING/CONTENT GROUP topic. Thanks for discussing things!
Support - (fb2k) / Re: %CONTENT GROUP% mapping error
Last post by j7n -
This is done for all standard fields so their values can be displayed with a single titleformat field. Instead of $if2(%content group%, %grouping%) you can use just %content group%.
This is done for select few fields, not all standard fields. With the new mapping you now must use $if(), where you didn't before, because a mixture of Grouping and Content Group now exist. Select a set of FLAC/WavPack files, add Grouping, two fields appear instead of one. This obscure field is promoted to a standard, but only half-way because Apev2 isn't affected. This new mapping is in no way "compatible with old foobar2000 versions", because the mapping didn't exist until the current version.

I shall avoid using this field entirely. It seems to serve two incompatible purposes: grouping a set of tracks under a common title, and specifying a genre of the "content". In the wild I have only observed the genre usage. For track grouping I will use "Set Subtitle", and continue writing genre/style into multi-value "Genre". Maybe classical listeners can use "Work", but I don't know. Most imporantly Work stays Work when converting between FLAC/WavPack/TAK formats.
Polls / Re: Where do you get your music from?
Last post by ThaCrip -
"Other" (i.e. FLAC online and then I use those to make my lossy rips with Foobar2000)

although I do have some CD's I had from about 18-25 years ago I still got and then ripped those to FLAC with EAC not all that long ago.
Polls / Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]
Last post by ThaCrip -

it's how I score my lossless collection and then use Foobar2000 to convert from FLAC to Opus or AAC (other lossy formats are outdated) when I need lossy audio files.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: %CONTENT GROUP% mapping error
Last post by Scaramouche -
My problem is, however, that all existing metadata entries under "GROUPING" are still displayed under the standard field "GROUPING", whereas new entries which I submit under my standard field "GROUPING" are only rewritten to "CONTENT GROUP". The "GROUPING" field remains empty for these new entries. Also, any changes in the "GROUPING" metadata are only saved under "CONTENT GROUP", clearing the "GROUPING" field. This would lead to quite a mess, so I think about transferring all "GROUPING" metdata to "CONTENT GROUP" via masstagger. But I would do this only if the remapping decision is final, and there is no other way to keep the GROUPING field as it is.
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