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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar2000 crashes
Last post by ArhangeL -
Can you try enabling "crash on playback error" in the preferences > advanced section (just search for it at the top) and then trigger the crash again. please submit report and then copy and paste the report in to your reply.

I enabled crash on playback error but there is no new logs after crashes in folder with crash reports.

But thanks for help i fink i found source of the problem. It was plugin foo_out_asio+dsd 0.1.1 after updating it to version 0.1.5 everithing working fine for now.
General Audio / Re: Categorizing music by genre
Last post by ktf -
I agree with some here that division into genres is something quite personal and most of the time will not agree with what others would do. I rarely use the genre differentiation to walk my collection, but for those times I want to, I have only a few broad genres: Classical - Electronic - Jazz - Metal - Pop - Rock - Soundtrack. Classical is to me an obvious misnomer, but 'orchestral' doesn't fit either as there is chamber music in it as well, and as most people use this misnomer anyway, I do too.

A good organization in the directory hierarchy helps me to find what I'm looking for more quickly
Currently, I organize music by first character of artist name as the first directory layer, followed by the artist - album combination as the second layer and in case of a album with multiple disc, discnumber as the third layer. But then again, this is like genre, very much a personal preference
CUETools / Re: CUETools Profiles
Last post by Porcus -
of which 268 were purely for discs with pregaps (it's more than I thought!).
... how many of which were due to a pregap of 00:00.32?

(I caught many more with the AccurateRip ID. dBpoweramp writes those tags, and then CUETools can recognize the CD even without cuesheet.)
General Audio / Re: Categorizing music by genre
Last post by Adil -
A good organization in the directory hierarchy helps me to find what I'm looking for more quickly, but so far I haven't found a better ranking formula than the one through the name of the musical genre. Ranking by artist name would make the File Explorer scroll bar so small that 1mm of scroll could represent scrolling by hundreds of artists.

Hierarchizing by the musical genre led me to make many decisions of an eminently subjective nature that, if debated at an objective level, I would never reach a consensus with myself and the organization would become hell.

From this directory structure I started to tag my files. So my files actually mirror the way I've structured my collection on the hard drive.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a better formula than this one, so I ended up sticking with it, which in some ways has served me reasonably well.
General - (fb2k) / Global Hotkey Keyboard Shortcut isn't Global (YouTube takes precedent)
Last post by MaxDread -
Hi all

This has been bugging me a for a while, and today is the day I do something about it!

I've got a multimedia keyboard and the play button is assigned to Play/Pause in Foobar, with Global Hotkey selected.   It works great except for if I have a YouTube video open but paused in my browser.  When that's the case, even with FB as the active window, the Play/Pause button still actions in YouTube. 

Is there a remedy for this? 

Many thanks
General - (fb2k) / Re: Help with filters
Last post by jazzthieve -
It makes no sense for the code to display differing results. It will always give the exact path depth for every path based on the path depth in the code. If the results are a differing mix then simply your nesting structure is not consistent.
Could you give examples, full paths, of where you get different results?
General Audio / Re: Categorizing music by genre
Last post by zoliky -
Yes. I was thinking in going with two categories. Pop and Rock. That will cover about 80% of my music collection.  The only thing I won't do is going into sub-genres like Dance-Pop. Dance-Pop will go into Pop and that's it. As long as I don't rely on genres for searching I think it will do it.
I do not use genre names in the directory structure but I have it defined in the FLAC metadata.
General Audio / Re: Categorizing music by genre
Last post by Adil -
AllMusic bundles "Pop/Rock" styles like "Dance" and "Hard Rock". This criterion is definitely not for me.

I usually create directories on my hard drive that contain the same names of the musical genres that cover the artists identified there. This facilitates my searches remarkably quickly.
General Audio / Re: Categorizing music by genre
Last post by zoliky -
I would like to adopt a fundamental music genre classification by which I mean to have a "Pop" genre for everything Pop (Pop, Dance-Pop, Teen Pop, Sophisti-pop, Soul Pop, Art Pop, Synthpop, etc...) so I can put all those in one single Pop genre.

I would like to do something similar with Rock. A main "Rock" genre to include everything rock maybe excluding just metal (Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Melodic Rock, etc..).

That would probably save me from a lot of headaches down the road in terms of clasification. On thing I noticed is that the allmusic website goes even simpler putting both genres under one catchall "Pop/Rock" genre. That would make things even simpler I think.

Not sure which one of these two to go with.