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ColumnUI and search filter

I'm trying to find a way to make a search filter ala facets but using ColumnUI. Is there a way to implement a search filter that act before standard ColumnUI filters?

I'm thinking to do that with some kind of filter+global variables but seem that the $get_global function isn't defined in filters. I also still miss a way to store a value from a textbox to a global variable....

Open to any solution... any idea?

Re: ColumnUI and search filter

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If you are trying to say that you are looking for a text input field which would filter what any of the existing filter panels show, you can enable layout editing mode and add the filter search toolbar to your foobar.

Re: ColumnUI and search filter

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I'm feeling stupid.. it's exactly what I want and it's here out of the box!


Re: ColumnUI and search filter

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It's years later, but this is exactly what I'm looking for as well. In my previous installation of foobar (1.6.6) with Columns UI, there was this "filter search" toolbar. I used three filter panels (composer, artist, album) and one search in this toolbar would work on all three of them. It was a very quick way to get to the track or album I was looking for.
In my latest installation (1.6.eight) this "filter search" toolbar is nowhere to be found. I've tried all sorts of alternatives, but they don't do what I want.
- Facets does it, but it doesn't work in Columns UI
- The Quicksearch component sends the search directly to the playlist, it doesn't affect the filter panels.
- Right clicking on a panel in live editing mode can add a search field for one filter panel, but searching with it doesn't affect any of the other filter panels
Does anyone have a tip?



Re: ColumnUI and search filter

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Sorry I solved it already. With three filters next to each other under a horizontal splitter in the layout, and a search box created for the most left panel, it does filter the other two panels just as I like.