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Total newbie to plugins...

Hi there,

Let's assume that I have absolutely no knowledge in programming (which is more or less the truth)

What do I need to make plugins? What langages should I learn and how? Do I need softwares ? I've downloaded the SDK bat that doesnt help me much for the time being...

thanks for answering

Total newbie to plugins...

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What langages should I learn and how?

C++. Get a book or find a tutorial on the internet. Use your imagination and Google.

Do I need softwares ?

You need a C++ compiler. There are free ones available, which should suffice for the learning stage. To compile foobar2000 plugins, it is easiest to use the Microsoft compiler and IDE. Again, Google is you friend.

Edit: Good starting places other than Google for finding free compilers are here and here.

Total newbie to plugins...

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Thanks for answering !

New plugins soon I hope