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Help: Get the system date and time

Can I reference a variable to get the system date and time. Maybe like this %systemtime%, but it doesn't work. Can anyone help me

Re: Help: Get the system date and time

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There is no general title formatting for that. Not in DUI anyway, though apparently CUI has global variables with date info.

What did you need it for exactly? - I think you can display it like a clock with JSP/SMP scripts because if I recall the StrigUI theme displays the time when there is no track playing. So you could look at the code to see how that was done.

You can write the current system time to file tags using Masstagger > 'Format Value...' and entering %now%.

Dynamic Fields component can also calculate the date difference from a date tag to the current date/time. So you can display for example that a track was last played "3 days ago". And I just found out Text Display (DUI) component has undocumented $days_ago(%last_played%) function that can do the same - that would've been nice to know! (The CUI variables could maybe be used for that too?)


Re: Help: Get the system date and time

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Thank you very much for your help.
Previously, I found a plug-in called Now Playing Simple(foo_np_simple.dll) and it can record playback history.
It lists the following Formatting string. I wonder if I can add a time record, such as the current date and time. But I didn't find it.
): %artist% - %title%,

As you said, CUI has global variables. It's difficult for me to use CUI with more functions, so I can only use the DUI. Although I can't solve the problem, I still appreciate your help on this matter.

Re: Help: Get the system date and time

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The last post in this thread suggests you can add a %datetime% field (see the attached screenshot)

That thread also has an SMP script that might do the trick. (Reply #5)

Re: Help: Get the system date and time

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Wow, the filed(%datetime%) works really well, but I'm still looking for it. This is really a joke.
Now I can successfully use the plug-in. I have to thanks a million for helping me find that thread.
This forum is really full of fun.