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FooBar Georgia Theme Crashing

Hi guys,

I have been using the Georgia Theme for a while. I know the Georgia Theme required Spider Monkey to be loaded first. But I dont remember the rest. It was working well till yesterday.

Suddenly I get this error (see script below) when I load FooBar. What gives? Can anyone help?


First I got a popup window that "a script may have become unresponsive" or words to that effect.

When I open Console I get this:

Watching: F:\FLAC from WV
Spider Monkey Panel v1.5.2 ({AEF37E2D-294F-4804-86A4-29AE6D653A90}: Georgia v2.0.3 by Mordred): initialized in 28 ms
User Interface initialized in: 0:00.138897
FFmpeg version: 4.3.1
foo_enhanced_playcount: loaded
Startup time : 0:00.896662
in on_init()
in on_size() => width: 1920, height: 938
Error: Spider Monkey Panel v1.5.2 ({AEF37E2D-294F-4804-86A4-29AE6D653A90}: Georgia v2.0.3 by Mordred)
include failed:
Script aborted by user

File: Panel_Playlist.js
Line: 4328, Column: 9
Stack trace:

Autobackup: Backed up 42 items to

I ran the troubleshooter in Help and got this:

foobar2000 troubleshooter
The following components found on your system are known to be problematic and should be either uninstalled or updated to their latest versions:
foo_uie_biography.dll : Biography View
Reason: Repeated crash reports.
Download the latest version...

foo_facets.dll : Facets 1.0
Reason: Repeated crash reports.
Download the latest version...

foo_tagbox.dll : TagBox 0.212
Reason: Repeated crash reports.

foo_discogs.dll : Discogs Tagger 2.23
Reason: Repeated crash reports.
Download the latest version...

Re: FooBar Georgia Theme Crashing

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I am currently on foobar 1.6.7. If I upgrade to 1.6.8 will it help? Would I have to install all the components again?


Re: FooBar Georgia Theme Crashing

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Hi navin,

I tried Georgia with foobar 1.6.8 and SMP 1.5.2 and there are no problems.
In your case I would make a new portable foobar installation and install Georgia with the required components.
If you still want to use the additional components you've used, I would install only one component at a time and then start Georgia.
If all is good, install the other and repeat it until you've troubleshoot which one makes the problem...



Re: FooBar Georgia Theme Crashing

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Before you do that, you can also try to set the script execution timeout to 30 sec.

This can be found under File > Advanced. Then you need to find ( nearly at the bottom )
"Script execution time limit before triggering a slow script warning (in seconds)" set this to 30.

Apply and restart foobar and see how it goes... If it's not good, follow the previous post instructions...