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What is the best format for audiobook

I have an old smartphone (nexus 5, andriod 6) that i want to convert my audiobook that i owned to the lowest size possible so i can put it on that particular phone (only 16GB of storage) and still be audible. 

Please excuse if that is a noob question.

Re: What is the best format for audiobook

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opus 6-10 kbps. best? i don't know.


Re: What is the best format for audiobook

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I believe this is the top 3 for speech/audiobooks currently:
1. xHE-AAC
2. Opus
3. HE-AAC v2

xHE-AAC is quite new and not many apps can open it. It's also the hardest to decode (=eats more battery). Comparing the other two, on my Android phone in Foobar2000 at least, Opus decodes faster than HE-AAC v2 (on my PC it's the opposite).
Based on this, Opus seems like the best choice, unless you can find a way to play back xHE-AAC and don't mind the higher CPU usage.

There are some even more exotic speech-centric formats out there--like a couple developed by MS and Google and also LC3, part of the new BT spec--but I don't know if there are any encoders available to the public, so I doubt that they can be of any use for this purpose.