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A helper script for Spider Monkey Panel and foobar2000 which allows to permanently save console logs to a file using the existing method (console.log). Helper meant mostly for coders not for final users, although it may be easily included on any script (don't expect how to's by my side apart from these instructions).

Default UI allows to open the console log into a panel and save its content to a file, but the option is reset on every start-up... thus defeating the idea of logging to a file. Since file logging may be useful on servers, specially when using headless installation and interacting with SMP scripts (to check response), this utility is offered as alternative.

    -Saves any message send to the console on a text file (path configurable).
    -Saving is not reset on every start-up (contrary to Foobar2000's native console).
    -File is only reset when certain file size is reached (configurable).
    -Works 'as is' without any modification on existing scripts, just include it and done.
    -Converts sets and maps to arrays before logging.
    -Converts standard objects and functions as strings before logging.

Just include the helper file:
Code: [Select]
Since the original method has been wrapped, it will work without further modifications on an existing script:
Code: [Select]
console.log('This is output to log file at foobar profile folder and to console on UI.');
A new method has been created to only send the message to the the UI console:
Code: [Select]
console.logUI('This is output only to console on UI. New method.');

Other implementations
 1. Playlist-Tools-SMP: Different tools for foobar2000
 2. Playlist-Manager-SMP: A playlist manager for foobar2000.
 3. Any of my other scripts....

Since the addon only requires 1 file, i.e. the main helper, you can simply include it along any other script where you will use it.

Download latest release (or nightly releases) at github:

Re: Console-SMP

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New method console.popup to send at the same time the text to the console (For logging purpose) and show it in a popup. Lines are split before sending to console, so every line is sent in different calls (i.e. the date is shown on every line).