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JS Smooth Library problem with sorting albums

Hi everyone,
I installed JS Smooth Library and it looks amazing (even tho the scroll is a bit clunky but, i can live with that).
The problem is that when you sort albums (Right click>columns>album), if there are features or collaborations (like Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees (ft. Jay Rock) ) it creates another album, just like this ( because it's grouping by Album Artist, and not Album Name/Title.
Is there a way to sort by Album Title? So it doesn't split an album if it contains a feature? I tried to change some settings in the Panel Properties, but I can't make it work properly.

Also if there's a way to disable the scrolling animation and just use the standard one (the same the windows uses), that would be great.


Re: JS Smooth Library problem with sorting albums

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Albums like that should have a common Album Artist. That would be Kendrick Lamar.

The Artist tags can then contain extra info like Kendrick Lamar featuring BLAH etc

This has been standard convention since the year dot and there has never been any need to touch any script settings when files are tagged properly.

Even though I don't own that album, I'm sad enough to tag a bunch of random files just to prove a point.

Re: JS Smooth Library problem with sorting albums

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Also, the library and playlist do not sort into folders.
Folder Structure
And this is very unfortunate...


Re: JS Smooth Library problem with sorting albums

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Use WilB's Library Tree script for Spider Monkey Panel. It has an album art grid view which looks similar and has many more advanced options for grouping/sorting.