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Dropbox integration component?

Hi all,

I have a large media library consisting of over 24000 FLAC's. All of this is synced into my Dropbox account and I use a nifty app called Cloudbeats on iPhone to stream my own collection on the go.

For my work laptop with insufficient storage I am trying to find a similar functioning app that lets me access my dropbox collection without having to sync the files down.

Clementine used to do this but doesn't appear to work, or takes years to return an index of my files.

I think this would be a great component for foobar. Anyone else?
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Re: Dropbox integration component?

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There is no Dropbox integration component for foobar2000, but files from Dropbox can be played using playlist with direct links.


Re: Dropbox integration component?

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I agree, a plugin would be awesome. You mentioned Clementine, but also Aimp has a plugin that can do that, AudioCloud (it works with Dropbox, Google Drive, and others):
But obviously, a plugin for Foobar would be a better option.

Re: Dropbox integration component?

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I remember some way to mount dropbox folders and from other servers to the PC without using the official APP or syncing down. At least it worked some years ago. Maybe you could investigate through that path, once the server folder is mount as a disk, you can access it with any app, no need for plugins.