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Shuffle tracks algorithm not very good

What the title says.
I have many playlists some with 1000+ songs and all with shuffle (tracks). Problem is that I hear the same songs 6 out of 10 times. In fact by doing "manual" listening I find songs that never played and those are a LOT, most of my collection haven't played at all.

Can that algorithm be upgraded? something that reads a play count on each song or something like that so the program can put that song at the end of a playlist or simply grab another song?

Not a coder so I'm just presenting the "problem" and an idea.


Re: Shuffle tracks algorithm not very good

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That makes no sense. Shuffle by tracks will never repeat the same track on the same listening session, unless it has already played all tracks on the list.

So unless you are experiencing a bug, that is not possible.

If you are stopping playback and then starting it again with shuffle... yes, obviously the same tracks can still be played. Create an autoplaylist by last played time for tracks not played in the last hour for ex and then use shuffle there.