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Topic: Feature request? Built-in meters - meter before replay gain ? (Read 405 times) previous topic - next topic
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Feature request? Built-in meters - meter before replay gain ?

if i'm not wrong at the moment is not possible to change the metering point for the built in PPM and VU meters.  So now if for example replay gain is applying -13 dB gain to some album, this affects the meters too since they are metering AFTER replay gain. And because replay gain is loudness leveling on the playback side I think it would be more useful if the meters show the input level before RG. Thus one can judge how (terrible loud) the tracks are mixed/mastered.
Or even better an option to choose the metering point would be perfect so that everyone is happy.....
Any possibility to be implemented in the future releases ?  :D

sorry for the broken english btw