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Re: foo_flowin, Floating window for Default UI

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  • use legacy no frame(windows 10 and blow, test needed)

Sorry for late reply. The "No Frame" option still appears to have 2px border on Win10. Using "Album Art Viewer" to test. The border color seems to be whatever the foobar background color is set to (in Preferences > Display > DUI > Colors And Fonts)

flowin reserved 2px border to resize window. and recently commits removed this when not resizable.


Re: foo_flowin, Floating window for Default UI

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I use a lot of popup windows because my full screen is a single panel devoted to the Georgia theme.  I've thanked you before for this fantastic component, but I just wanted to thank you again for your latest version.  The bring to top feature and the ability to move and resize panels without a frame have greatly enhanced my use of this component.  Thank you very much.