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Oh well, having issues converting tags here... (Windows is in cp932 (Shift-JIS) locale)

EDIT: Turns out one of the combinations I forgot to try worked, but the oddity of ISO-8859-1/15 producing japanese glyphs still remains. It's also very weird since CP1252 *is* ISO-8859-1-compatible (, so both should have produced the same output.

EDIT part2:  In case the error was because I didn't put "<system code page>" in preconversion for the ISO-8859-1 try, it actually doesn't matter what I pick for preconversion. The output is *always* the same, even if I pick completely nonsense preconversions; it's as if picking ISO-8859-1/15 tells it to "disable any and all charset conversion":
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Original post:

The above image doesn't even make sense; even if ISO-8859-1 was the wrong charset (and/or I was lacking a preconversion) it'd produce random european characters, not japanese glyphs (which is the problem I'm trying to fix!). Picking ISO-8859-15 also produces the same results (well, it *is* 8859-1 + euro). Picking 1252 gives me completely different mojibake, but at least it's european mojibake:

Someone on IRC told me I was doing it wrong and that the "right" way was this:

But the results are the same.

For reference, here are the correct tags (fixed using `mkdir fixed; for i in *mp3; do avconv -i "$i" -f ffmetadata - | avconv -i - -i "$i" -c copy fixed/"$i"; done` (avconv assumes ISO-8859-1 on id3v1 and converts to UTF-8; I'd just have to pass through iconv if it was the wrong charset)):

I've had similar issues when trying to fix Shift-JIS tags when my locale is cp1252 (Western); picking 932 as the original charset would still produce typical Shift-JIS-as-ISO-8859-1 artifacts, and no charset combination would help me.


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Oh well, having issues converting tags here... (Windows is in cp932 (Shift-JIS) locale)

Undoubtedly foobar and its add-ons offer some very powerful capabilities but oftentimes the used names and strings are pretty counterintuitive as they are named by programmers. Such strings then are named technically correct, but are not very helpful for the end-user. foo_chacon is such an example, IMHO. There should be two fields for the character conversion, one named "Open as..." and the other "Save as...", so that for example if you have an ANSI 1252 codepage with the typical "♪" type of string you would "Open as" UTF-8 to get "?" and then "Save as" either UTF-8 or your local codepage. In the first case, only 1 conversion is done in total, in the latter case 2 conversions. "Preconversion" doesn't really nail it in case 1 because there is only one conversion in total, and not 2 as the "Pre-" would imply.


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Does this plugin not affect filenames? I've got a bunch of broken filenames made from splitting improperly coded cuesheets. I'd split them in foobar and use Winamp to auto-correct the tags because the freedb query in foobar has never EVER worked prior to cuesheet splitting, or after, or on any file in general.

The result is I have proper FLAC tags, but the filename remains unaffected. I've done this to about a thousand files so I'd really prefer not having to copy/paste and rename each individual file.


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I'm sorry to necropost but I just wanted to say that this is fantastic.


Re: foo_chacon

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Wishing a 64-bit version will be available.