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Get/set selected playback_flow_control?

Is there already a way in the 0.7 API to query and change which playback_flow_control is selected? I can't find it, but if the UI can do it, it should be somewhere, eh? If not, I'd love to see it added. (I guess this is related to steel_space's query.)

I'm trying to write an "Enqueue next" plugin that lets you interrupt the normal playlist flow to play selected songs, then go back to what would ordinarily have played instead afterward. playback_flow_control is exactly what I needed to do that. (I had a version that did it by manipulating the playlist, but my user would rather it not mess up his nicely sorted playlist.) I'd like it to work with both normal and shuffled play, so I figured you'd leave it in your preferred mode, then selecting the "Enqueue next" menu item would change flow control over to my plugin, which would change the flow setting back after the queued songs play.