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Is there any example / source code anywhere showing how to use this?

I would like to make one of those fancy editable listiews, but I'm pretty lost trying to figure out how to use it. 


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Got it half working. Had to put my strings behind rcptrs. Had to implement a competion_notify thingy, otherwise the listview doesn't get updated when the edit is finished.

Code: [Select]
class edit_complete
    void on_task_completion(unsigned taskid, unsigned p_code) {

LRESULT CNewTagMappingsDialog::OnAddTag(WORD /*wNotifyCode*/, WORD wID, HWND /*hWndCtl*/, BOOL& /*bHandled*/) {
    tag_mapping_entry * entry = new tag_mapping_entry();
    entry->tag_name = pfc::rcnew_t<pfc::string8>("");
    entry->formatting_string = pfc::rcnew_t<pfc::string8>("");
    entry->enable_write = false;
    entry->enable_update = false;
    entry->freeze_tag_name = false;
    entry->freeze_update = false;
    entry->freeze_write = false;
    int pos = ListView_GetItemCount(tag_list);
    insert_tag(pos, entry);
    InPlaceEdit::Start_FromListView(tag_list, pos, 0, 1, entry->tag_name,
        completion_notify_create<edit_complete>(edit_complete_inst, pos));
    return FALSE;

void CNewTagMappingsDialog::refresh_item(int pos) {
    tag_mapping_entry entry = tag_mappings->get_item_ref(pos);
    listview_helper::set_item_text(tag_list, pos, 0, *(entry.tag_name));
    listview_helper::set_item_text(tag_list, pos, 1, *(entry.formatting_string));

Still not sure about inplaceedit_v2 or the TableEdit stuff. Wondering if any of that would simplify things.